Interpretation of the planets in relation to four factors

1. The planet can be interpreted in relation to its nature.

2. In relation to the sign in which the planet is located.

3. In comparison with the field that identifies, for example, the sixth field is Mars means, if the top of the sixth field by Scorpio or Aries, refers to all the questions of the transaction, the disease, colleague, animals, food and the like.

4. With respect to Almut degree, therefore the planet which has the greatest impact in a given instance. Almut given degree and dispositor sign with the background of manifestation of a given quality. Very often Almut the same planet that is the dispositor, but need not always be so.

Month 1 which is a planet symbolically relates to a subconscious, emotions and safety values, maternal instinct, and the like.

2. Moon in Libra, your security needs expressed in the context of social engagement. Is there a need to connect with others. Feels like best about myself when it can contribute to the community. Is there a need for harmony and hard she fell deep emotions, thus avoiding conflicts.

3. If the government Month third field, and is located in the sixth field, its operation will now be related to communication and everyday activities. On a general level, in the moon Vagi is expressed as in the above example under option 2, or at a specific level, the month is about the need for the individual to be close to the environment, brother or sister. Often they will have a problem with the organization or to start many projects, without them ever going to end.

Think of these people are under the influence of mood and emotion. Emphasized intuition. All these features are implemented through a field of six, where the natal Moon is, so that all these people exhibit within the work environment, for example, or health plan. This means that due to the inability of a person to organize or problems with delays that may affect its business.

A person is safest when it is able to connect their daily activities with work or be in a position to work with some of the relatives, all this belongs to the 3-6 combination of fields.

4. When we discuss this, most modern astrologers to look at the position of Venus, because she talks on the future nature of the moon. According Dorotejevoj table dignity, on the second degree of Libra planets are as follows:

-Sedište / Venus / 5
-Egzaltacija / Saturn / 4
-Triplicitet / Saturn / 3 if it is the birth day
-The term / Saturn / 2 because it is a second degree
-A person / month / 1

When you add up points, the result is that Venus has 5 points, and Saturn as many as 9 points. Which means that in the natal chart of this person for more information on its moon, watch the position of Saturn. If Saturn is also at 7 ° Cancer, which is in exile and in the third field, then to talk about a person who values ​​discipline and responsibility for Saturn. A person can feel safe when there are safe and outlined the framework by which to navigate and that would follow.

But no matter how she responded discipline, one can hardly be disciplined, because Saturn in Cancer and to talk about a very weak restrictions. The only restrictions that may exist related to the expression of emotions. Person is difficult to be tactical and organized in private life and in relation to close people and it will frustrate you and make dissatisfaction and uncertainty, and serious thoughts and fears, because Saturn and Moon in the square. However, since Saturn is located at 7 ° Cancer, that contains triplicity, term and face Venus. So now we have a reception between Saturn and Venus, though there are among them square.

How to interpret the reception? Imagine that there are two people. One of Saturn in Cancer, the second moon in Libra. Neither one nor the other person are not the best placed, because Saturn in Cancer in exile, and the Moon in Libra, the only dignity that has refers to the person.

However in contact, the Moon offers exaltation Saturn, Saturn and Raku seat as the perfect combination and it allows to calm tensions squares. If two people at odds, and one has what must be the second, and the other what it needs first, then they will no matter how fractious (square) to come into contact, because it’s of interest.

It’s like you do not talk with your neighbor, or to both make coffee, you need sugar that he has, and he’s the coffee that you have. When the exchange of products does not mean that you are now good neighbors, this means only that you connect similar situation.

Translated to Saturn and the moon that means wherever it occurs, is problematic business situation or a problem with a fellow person can be to your advantage to find a solution or to get help / advice / suggestion when it is really necessary, which does not mean that they will also survive for emotional relationships, relationships with children and family, if it does not fall into the domain of Saturn – Month reception.

Receptions are most frequently used in horary, usually pointing to the exercise of the question if the reception at the headquarters of the planet in question, or the help of others or happy circumstances, if it comes to reception by exaltation and terms.

This is only one aspect of the interpretation of the aspect and the attempt of systematization of all factors. This is not the only way, but it is certainly logical to connect. Also, depending on what question you set will change the symbolism of the planet, because the Moon can also mean nation, mother, fishermen, kids, home, pregnancy, woman … Depending on the issue and change the context of interpretation.