Is it all a choice or fate? How do we look – we defined!

Is it all a choice or fate, whatever that had engaged themselves and work on their spirituality or searching for meaning, you should be familiar with the quantum particle physics and the functioning of our world from a quantum perspective, which frankly has not and does not can come to life in our understanding of the world because of the strong belief in the truth of Newtonian physics, but science moves its boundaries and slowly but surely we are entering a world called quantum physics. More and more we realize that we are energy beings and that our structure on four levels being associated in density to a level of physical reality and that means that we see others and objective events as separate from ourselves. Our development of consciousness has not reached that level where we can and all the other things we are going to accept and raise the awareness of as ourselves and our world that we created.

We come to this, that, according to quantum physicists and others who are closely associated with this research (astronomers, psychologists, biologists, and physicians who introduced quantum diagnostic devices and treatment to that principle as all holistic healers whose method of treatment based on energy – reconnection for example.) that we are tuned to a particular vibration – in other words we are not able to notice the moment of creation of our world around us, which is also just energy, and you can not change every 6.626 X 10 to the minus 24 Js (Planck’s constant ). We are in a world that is constantly destroys and rebuilds in that speed, or how we time particle wave time (the smallest particles of the impulse or information. Ie. Quant – ie nematarijalizovana thing) our eyes and brain ie. our consciousness can not be that speed to recognize how our world around us dissolves and creates, and thus we can not know (at least not yet) that we are all just energy in motion, that at any moment change and we never thicken, than in constant change and better exchange of information between these particles and (at the cellular, molecular, atomic and subatomic or quantum level). This means that we live in a field of all possible resources and opportunities – ie. we can choose in the lightning speed what will happen to us and what is not. Theoretically we can in every tom fraction of the time to choose a new beginning, route, solution. You always have a choice of thousands of possibilities, but we choose one. At that moment, when we choose one option – all potential solutions disappear and make the other compared to what we have previously selected. This means that we live in a sea of ​​information selected by ourselves and that we become our reality, our particles that we choose as a reality. This is the real theory, but in practice – if we have a choice and what depends on our selection of certain information? Explained astrological language we defined as our planet election position and aspects of planets given to other planets in our birth chart or in a horoscope. Karmic parlance we made in a previous life such actions and we are now dependent on these procedures and now they are suffering. Psychotherapeutic parlance – have ancestors and we are just a continuation of their work, a large collection of genetic material that is united in our physical body, and we defined them birth. First of all, closer to parents and ancestors. As we look – we’ve defined.

The thing I have to look back at this time is also obtained by testing in a variety of experiments in the field of medicine, physics, biology is how we get the information, ie. How our brain works – and how we filter the information obtained. We get constant information – which in pure form most similar intuition, synchronicities – after that we fear our emotions, for example. fear, or attitudes that we crept as facts, beliefs and so on. This means that we have a flow of information from the entire net information or energy fields located around the country and with which we are all connected. This means that we are all hooked to the same network of information but all we take from it what we want (and we need) and how we take. From our personal filters depends on how much information we take, what we’re going and how to understand such information. This in turn leads to explanations that we all seem to realize, or do not see the same thing in the same way, because even though we have the same information about something we have different emotions, reactions and attitude towards the matter. This means that we all have our own worlds, the reality in which we live only because of our beliefs or perceptions, and as I said memories of the past to that information. An example of this is an experiment that was conducted among a huge number of people who has been assigned to define love with all the feeling was variously explained, and emotionally described doživljeno.Dolazimo to the fact that we actually make the world around them their attitudes, beliefs and convictions or and emotions in relation to receiving information that we fear them. This is very interesting because it turns out that we actually live our lives fully in their reality, which is neither true nor false. The people we attract into your life, we have slipped so to speak through their filters, we see not what we want to see how the suits us up when we see fit.

We are still very limited in all potential possibilities – by virtue of their birth, the family and the place where we are born and that we were formed, society and attitudes, emotions, and therefore the past – we have our destiny. Our whole life is already formed when we were born – in astrology – birth chart – because we define – in a matter single moment of inspiration. We get through the birth chart picture ten planets placed in certain relationships, the way they were set when we were born. Planets condensed form of energy to – carry their energy and they affect us, and we have defined its influence in everyday life and in all areas. The planet of love, Venus has Zasvakoga simobliku love because it carries the energy of love and satisfaction but it is important that in the time when we were born and raised, this item in our personal natal chart will determine what is the position of our Venus. From its setting depends on our overall relationship to a partnership. This means that we have defined its setting, not only its place in the sky, but also the relationship to other planets at the moment of birth. Because if all the planet carrier of energy, and such. Venus as the holder of the primary feelings of love and satisfaction has a strained relationship (sharp angle or aspect astrologically) with another planet, for example Mars (which carries the energy of war and struggle) – then the person will have a conflicted two energies in it (will have a problem in the relationship) and what is important to understand is that a person will strive through relationships with other people to coordinate their conflicting energy and resolve in itself. This means that we attract people into our lives in order to save its internal unmatched energy, which, as we know it is very difficult, but possible. It’s hard because we live in a great error of our civilization, and that is that we all razvdojeni, but very often people who are themselves summoned or chose from their need for salvation tense energy in it (and we all strive for a solution mismatch inside) – say partner – blame Care for a bad attitude and so on. We are all connected and one – our fates are intertwined – and can be solved only if we have the awareness. We arrive at the crucial moment of the text but also the moment in our civilization – which is a crucial time for all of us – more and more people on the planet Earth just knowing that is what should be our consciousness. Our consciousness awakens – and through it a collective and personal.

Each planet in the sky, every star in the sky affect us. They carry a strong energy that us humans very much affected. Every man, the place where we are but the smallest thing in the house has its own energy and they are among themselves share – our energy and energy all around us (everything that has a form – because the shape condenses energy and it becomes stronger in form) are intertwined and affect us. If we have awareness, if we pay attention to it or anything – it is the awareness – attention to something – we are already on the way we solve a lot of problems. If we accept this attitude that everything around us has the energy and that we are not only energy carriers on the planet and beyond, it is easier to understand and comprehend all around us.

Going back to our choice – to make a choice and if you do we have? In astrology there are zodiac signs that are more inclined to fate and those who have a greater choice in life. Again, it all depends on the main points of the horoscope, ie. signs containing the emperor sign, rising sign or persons in which rođena.Neke planets and signs associated with the conscious part of our being, some with and some unconscious with the unconscious. If our natal chart prevalent signs that are related to conscious planets as rulers, people have more opportunities to become aware of their problems and to solve them – but that does not mean that it can make a big step forward from the river of their ancestors or the past that the biggest blockers – that is to say in the development of our real, personal options. What is the right way to solve life’s problems and challenges is taking your life into your own hands and the first step is the awakening their capabilities or revealing their true nature isvog true self. What is it that we are hindering the potential opportunities? What exactly are our options and what obstacles, what’s the matter with which we can not face, look you in the eye and find in themselves to oemociju that hold it back, what is it that we have inherited FORM as that is repeated to the extent that the genetics has become a belief, etc.? these are some questions that astrology has an answer – if the person concerned, ie. if interested for yourself. If he turned himself, because, from the perspective of quantum – nothing does not exist, but only our reality – our thoughts braked prejudices, beliefs and emotional experiences. If you want to be what it is necessary to face quite what bothers you in the development, because behind it is more potential opportunities and the choice is always expanding, if consciously open up these possibilities open-minded and embrace our life ie. hug themselves.

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