Is my zodiac sign AGREE TO SIGN MY PARTNER?

Part of astrology which is very important and very useful for all, at least at one point in their lives, is the one that is associated with relationships. What is a horoscope, how to make and when to make this horoscope. Also, very often the question that arises is that means i agree that it is possible to be with someone in a relationship, a zodiac sign that person is not harmonious with the sign of the other. Well, a little more detail to touch this topic.

First of all, any comparison with people who sign up are not met, which are not among them felt any attraction or desire for further acquaintance is not an option. If a person after a while enter the emotional link (which takes at least three months), it is possible to do a comparison of the sign. This means, to compare the compatibility of both sign and opportunities consistent and longer connections. Sign of the characters are divided into female and male gender, earth, air, water and fire – and through the element to the cardinal, fixed and variable quality. If we pay attention to some signs in their element – eg. watermark, such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – love the earth signs, ie. Bull, Virgin or Capricorn, because the water is the one who loves the earth and the earth loves the water (the element of earth’s water is necessary for it to be fruitful and fertile, and leads a country need to be curtailed and formed). But here we have all the female characters and is a combination of a lot of these characters yin or passive. The main thing I have to emphasize that it should not be seen only sign of where we were born (which is our sun), but we must take into consideration that our rising (Ascendant) and position of our moon. Very often it happens that the sun and moon in a woman in a man in connection with the same sign in their natal chart, and it is one of the indicators that could have a conjugal relationship. So that even compared the “heart” whether we agree with someone on the basis of zodiac signs, then at least we know where our partner and main points and in which signs (ie sign, ascendant and the Moon). Complications arise in these upoređivanjema when one person has all of the different elements of the sign rising and the sign in which she is the moon, and so has a partner, so it is very unprofessional to give any advice on relationships, not only these instances, but in general, not looking at the natal chart of both persons. Astrologer at the beginning, if it has the task of examining the relationship or connection as well as forecasts for the same, compares two nativities and how their characters primarily emotional planets and other points in a horoscope compatible and how they differ. During this generalized observation astrologer comes to points or aspects that have merged two people and what makes them a crowd. Is it pronounced emotional, sexual or mental connection between them. What are the planets coincide, which are located in the same signs, or in the same element and quality, and what is it that is different and what is possible to disagree. What is their strongest link which is the weakest. After that, it can be done, dear relationship. This is a special horoskop- called Davidson and gives a picture of their relationship on the basis of this horoscope forecasts are made for the future. Also, after the analysis of this horoscope, it is compared to the natal chart of both partners and their forecasts. What should be obtained as a result of this research are primarily similarities and strengths of the bonds, as well as the weaker party connections. In a joint interview, the astrologer must be thoroughly familiar partners with this, on what to do, what to improve in their relationship when they are sensitive periods of their relationship, and show that everyone must work on themselves but also on the relationship that grows, just as the child grows from parents. They have to work on it together or to focus attention on the third part or entity – one that is created between them when they wanted to create something new as a result of their love. It grows all the things to which we pay attention. Well attention between two people who are in emotional relationship must be equal on both sides to develop the relationship and had success. The ratio is a measure of all things. The relationship with your partner is the one that defines us, the other person is our mirror. We must always bear in mind that we have consciously or unconsciously choose the person opposite us to be our mirror. What we see in it – that we did to me, and how much we are willing to change or to enjoy it all depends on us and our views or position. Do horoscope is a very important move for a connection, because then both partners prosper together, recognize the weaknesses of the mind, yourself or other people. Only completely honest and open to help each other to progress, with the help of an objective view of astrologers, which actually helps in the development of an important moment two individuals, can enhance and accelerate processes Recognizing difficult moments and to overcome them faster.