IS YOUR DEAR say? See who the alpha male sign! Able, handsome and fun …..

Dominant individuals, gourmets without competition, Casanova with a talent for seduction. Capable, handsome and entertaining. Who would not have wanted? Ladies, here’s the next character which you will feel like a queen.

The first sign of the Zodiac is one of the dominant. Aries government Mars, the planet of warriors, athletes, surgeons … This is a complete and accomplished man with an attitude. The ambition will not allow them to be at hand. Aries should always be first and not give up easily its intentions in the business, but also on emotional grounds. According to their character, and he chooses a partner with similar characteristics.

Taurus is an ideal partner for the ladies, because his sezualnošću ruled by Venus, the planet is in favor of a woman’s sensibility. No one will feel the needs of women better than men Taurus. The sex will provide a maximum, a partner will be happy in all fields. Next to him will be every woman will feel very special.

In a word – the king! Needless to say that the dominant individual without competition. When he felt the love and affection of this sign, he knows what a sensational experience. Lava can be selected that. He occupies a place butt in all positions and events and is therefore expected of partners that has good manners, but also captivates with its appearance. Does not meet the mediocrity in any form. When it applies: all or nothing.