Is your man faithful? He gave me he really loves, or other features ….

If you do not know the complete natal chart your man, boyfriend or husband, something we can learn and the position of the Sun in its sign. You never know whether this information will be crucial in order to place it in a partnership.


When we think of the sign of Aries, especially the men of this sign, we see the fire, the fire that ignites. However, if you are in a relationship with an Aries, he said that “fire” rather directed at you, but it scatters in all directions. Why is it so? Men Rams are above all honest, fair to be able to conceal their fraud. They do not have time to hide behind a pack of lies, but only they would have no idea that they devise. So, my dear, you can be calm when it comes to this macho. Aries likes clarity in relations, in particular partnership, as you yourself note, if you are prone to such “excursions”. If for some time you disagree, be safe, do not you be fooled, but quickly replaced by a more interesting partner. In the event that your man has the Moon in Aries, then the word “infidelity” is not a party to it.


We have a man who is slow and lazy to engage in innovations, if next to you has a satisfactory partner. This man j faithful, especially if you meet all his hedonistic needs, and in doing so are a beautiful “Venus” – the translation of the feminine, gentle, stable lady. This man always tends safe partner instantly. Its stable construction in other fields (business, the public …) is a partner in the marriage relationship. He departs from it and therefore it is important that this works perfectly and everything to be stable. For some women, it is too slow. If you do not feel enough attention and if it does not represent the right way, will not give up the search for what he wants. You’ll quickly find out, either through a common bed, you will not stop sharing with you, whether it is a “common” meal, you’ll dine alone.


We have a scene in which the seducer win more game. Witty, mercurial, cheerful, all these features come to the fore in the new relations, which for him represent the most interesting research, regardless of what he usually does not end. The act of the game raises his libido. If you girlfriend or wife of the variable air sign you should be aware that it is mainly for the sake of entertainment, and even some hidden proving he’s still in shape. This is especially true of twins who have passed the Moon in that sign. If you have it in your heart, your place is guaranteed here, but he will prevail seen as something normal. His adventures are part of some interesting stories that have no impact on his choice. It is even able to seduce more women at one time and to withdraw from them at the last second.


When we talk about this sign, the first association is our house, home, family. But men Crabs are among the najnevernije men in the whole zodiacal circle. He is able to partner strongly linked with him, while there is still a connection addition. And in one and in another respect behave very seriously. Sometimes choosing a partner that will remind him of their mother. Commit them to his family, and then have a woman or women with whom they want to achieve sexual fantasies. They can be contradictory in romantic relationships and long sought. In the event that in addition to the Sun in Cancer, a man has passed the moon, then it will look gentle, sensible and motherly-minded woman who knows next to be faithful.


These men will cheat in order to prove it. They know that often doubt their potency, as well as to prove to him it can not be the government. He knows he is surrounded by many women just to prove his male ego, but in fact is being sought by the tenderness and love. A woman who wants this man must be stronger than him. If you have control and release it, it will return to you as “soaked kitty”. Most heavy weight, samosvesnoj woman who knows what she wants, and yet he is the one to ask what to do. Moon in Leo in guys encourages all this above, but it will not start with infidelity, if he is paid enough attention.


Not all men Device faithless, but you’ll be surprised how many of them are hiding a line of perfect seducer. If you are a partner of this man, you will be hard to discover his infidelity. With him there is no fire boat, but everything goes some of its layout and flow. Virgo guy can be the perfect husband, and then one day to discover that it has long had two parallel links, two parallel lives. In the event that his Moon in this sign, being unsure of their conquests, and often ends up as a loner.


Compared to the previous type seducer, Mr Virgin, we have a representative of the air sign, which is not too active when they are intimate incidents in question. If you thought that it tends to courtship, you are wrong. It is not enough for this initiative, but it is also bad, but will succumb to the charm of women by winning. He just does not know how to say no. Being attracted by stable and mature women. However, if it comes to infidelity, do not be too scared, he can be very complicated and it is difficult to know whether it was crossed one infatuation, and is capable of at the moment turned an already existing relationship. In men who have the Moon in this sign, forms a nice character trait – loyalty.


We have two types of Taurus when it comes to the subject of fidelity and infidelity. One tip would be prone to fantasy and will not exceed the limit of loyalty. Their sense of superiority is essential in this. They may even move away from your partner, daydream, snevati, run a story through the courts, but to focus all their energy on the job or a task. Another type of Scorpio is so active in his infidelities to use every opportunity that arises for them to. Sometimes you will not know what his taste, because there will be so many different types of women and girls line up in their catalog won. There will be those shy, offensive, young and old, women and girls, ruđnih and beautiful … Moon in Scorpio to the sun in this sign brings even loyalty.


Who would have thought that a man Sagittarius is the faithful! This is due to its qualities: honesty, avoiding vague situation indeed. He will not cheat, but if you get tired of you, it will simply go away. Love holds them. The problem is just how many of them that love is true, because if you stop for a few hours, they would just go away, then there is no return. Retain this man next to him, it is necessary for a woman to be a lover and a good friend, honest above all, brave and always weighs some new life adventures and discoveries. Those who passed the Moon in this sign tend to be insecure, so they will be to make the disbelief. This Month encourages erotic adventures.


We come to a faithful man. At least this is the first part of his life. Their attention not just someone to engage because they are focused on building a strong foundation in the business plan. They’re so important existence and will focus all my efforts to this end. Do not be more confident in this man, as they can at the moment to change the root, especially if they decided to change everything, even himself. At this point you will see a Capricorn who will podsataći any short skirt, a pair of beautiful legs, each seductive smile. They’ll mostly younger partner. The younger they are the better. Moon in this sign brings strength of character, especially if it is in their life finds a woman who knows how to give them their erotic fantasies and dreams.


Many will accuse this sign. And rightfully so, because the scene we have a great seducer and lover. If you accuse him, you will not get an explanation, but they will disappear like a whirlwind in your life. They seek freedom, but the seduction of their demolition fittings. Curiosity is one of the biggest impulse that encourages them. When the passion to want to keep it, and you will, my dear, if you succeed Kamelon who is constantly different, own, and yet stable. For such men is very hard to fall in love with a woman won. When they know that the feelings of guilt, which is a contradiction which otherwise has this sign in itself. Moon in Aquarius that will bring unexpected stability of this combination. It is almost impossible to fool you if the Moon in this sign. You then for him is the only constant and stable point in his chaotic life.


As gentle and sensual, but also skilled in all techniques of seduction. Who would have thought that such dreamers can cross the border that divides the loyalty and disloyalty. And believe it can. One mysterious encounter, intense look at some beautiful women and the world of fantasy and dreams awakens in them. They can be very attractive to the opposite sex as a magnet to attract the pearl of women. In essence they are unsafe. Many will ponder whether to leave or not chosen. I passed the Moon in this sign all of these traits and reactions are even more apparent.