IT IS TIME FOR RENOVATION? Edit your living space to the advice astrology!

If you like a home full of effective pieces of furniture and small mementos or are you still inclined total minimalism? Regardless of preference, living environment in accordance with the sign of your home will make even more enjoyable!

RAM – Functionality

In your living room all must be very good complex and accessible. You do not have the patience to bother with a lot of details. To align with your energy, it is recommended that you use when decorating a home more intense and bright colors.

BIK – comfort

Sofa bed and you are the most important parts of the furniture in the house. Quality comes first, and choose natural fibers that help create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. For bulls are ideal earthy colors. If you do not use some of the old pieces of furniture, do not overthrow your home but are making someone.

GEMINI – Communications

Gemini is communication in the first place but they need a modern and multifunctional furniture. In this case, you should take care of high quality and aesthetically interesting wall mounts or top shelves for TV and computers, while it is necessary to ensure superfast Internet.

RAK – family

Decorate the entire wall or hallway full framed photos of their immediate and extended family and some memories from the past. Given that you are a sentimental soul, these pieces will mean much more than a piece of furniture the latest trends everyone keeps talking about.

LAV – luxury

As a true representative of his zodiac sign, you still treat yourself as best you can. You’ll always be proud to enrich his collection with some new attractive design a piece of furniture. For you are the ideal warm colors.

VIRGO – red and Function

Device are best known for their sense of order and discipline, which can be seen on their shelves at home. Each will use even the smallest space, but will never keep something that does not function. With good organization and a keen sense of aesthetics, they are masters at using the formula “as having little to do so much.”

SCALE – decor

Aesthetics is very important to you so be sure to decorate the living room things that reflect your style. Avoid sales and used things. Your home is like an art gallery where they are exposed to the originals. Use bright and airy colors and metal and glass surfaces.

SCORPIO – privacy

Your home is your favorite shelter it is best to use in regulating peaceful and darker colors. Privacy is extremely important to you but prefer to keep personal memories in a drawer. Enough to attach to things and somewhat suffer from “hamster syndrome” collecting them, so it would be a good idea to periodically select and solve the excess items.

SCORER – adaptation

Ideally, thanks to your convenience and nomadic soul, your home is easily portable so moving for you easy task. However, you know that overload the numerous cases which testify about some of the exciting moments of life. Try to arrange everything so that it’s easier for you to keep the house, so you do not even time smashing your head while you’re on the road somewhere.

CAPRICORN – Tradition

For you, the tradition key thing in life. Secure your space selected objects that reflect your history, including family heirlooms and vintage pieces that have recently become trendy again. How convenience it is one of your qualities, consider changing the use of a piece of furniture before you throw it away, sell or give away.

AQUARIUS – eclecticism

You are known for its eclectic line so they do not pay attention to some rules and guidelines of design but a living space as editing and suits your taste. You were just everything is allowed, so you are free to combine print with various patterns, dots with stripes, and everything that creates your unique style.

FISH – simplicity

Pisces is like a watermark the most important point in the house – the bathroom. Therefore, this part should look as luxurious and more comfortable to stay. Prefer to choose a residential spaces that simply reflect the mother’s comfort. However, you tend to simple lines that is easier to maintain.