J A R A C-above-average number of people born in this sign takes a leading position!

1. Persons in Capricorn belong to the group that buys the expensive Manufacturer brand. Studies have shown that they are not passionate and consumers to buy only necessities, with their basic criteria of quality and durability.

2. In order for a certificate of them should re-examine witnesses and the fact that they laid on marital fidelity to the extent that it is considered. Those with age become more relaxed and happier, and thus more prone to the occasional marital trip.

3. Women, the ideal husband imagined as a responsible, reliable and loyal man. Given that this is the characteristics of men born under the sign of Capricorn, it appears that they are high on the scale of desirable husbands.

4. It is in this sign is the birthplace of many prominent musicians, especially guitarists. This data supports the view that they are more sensitive than is usually considered. He also recorded a record number of goats – comedian.

5. One of the favorite pastime them chess, a game that exercise the brain and develops combinatorics. So learn the strategy of action that the applied and in business.

6. The above-average number of people born under this sign occupies leading positions in the one hundred largest US banks.

7. Goat’s working day often lasts until late into the night. Research conducted in American corporations and banks shows that they usually shave and change into their enterprises.