JEWELRY TO SIGN: Rams correspond silver bracelets, bulls like best emerald


Aries, by all the rules of the zodiac, protect: zirconia, diamond, gold and diamonds. At the time when you go to a business meeting your chances of success and happiness to be able to increase and turquoise, onyx, aquamarine and topaz. For romantic encounters only dial lapis lazuli, pearl or silver jewelry. You should wear mainly bracelets of silver.


You like jewelry, even as the bulls act, “lavishly” without him. Emerald and jade suits you best. Others can not be sure of what you want if you wear dark tones of red jewelry, though some garnet, and quartz can “play” their own. It’s always time for striking earrings and large hooks into pieces with a lot of creeps.


Your youthful nature likes the delicate tones jewelry. Topaz is just fine for you, but you might prefer to use the magical power of greenish turquoise secret love meetings and one with more blue tones admixtures for business meetings.

You will be more convincing in debt collection or seduction with a necklace of coral.


Fits you silver jewelry and jewelry in blue tones. However, if you move to a business meeting, a gold bracelet will bring a more successful, especially combined with ivory, or a combination of white and yellow gold. If you plan to seduce someone who has connections with foreign countries, put any piece of jewelry made of malachite and garnet.


Gold jewelry, diamonds, rubies, it’s your choice! But planets at certain times you “determined” to increase your intuition jewelry from copper, silver or platinum.

Details of green tourmaline and turquoise or ring with blue sapphire, can do wonders, especially in secret love affairs, and especially if you are (inappropriately your sign) related to cancer or Taurus.


Malachite and topaz you quite appropriate. However, when Saturn is in your sign, stone ring with black onyx, or the shell will attract the opposite sex views

Yellow sapphire or emerald ring can draw a person that you like and who travels frequently, especially in the south and southeast of the city in which you live.


Pink tourmaline and alexandrite give you the necessary energy and charm, you are full of energy. In the current period, each jewelry with green and pink tones enhances your charisma.

If you go to business meetings free to put on the red ring of spinal or copper bracelet and earrings for evening outings with turquoise or jade. Can imitation.


Black Pearl, even with a black lace dress, great fits you. You look adorable jewelry made of platinum, hematite or ruby ​​ring. Currently planets you “suggest” you have to be somewhat softer in the selection of jewelry, and would welcome a necklace of silver and aquamarine ring. Men would rather daring to approach you.


Emerald and sapphire – your favorite gemstones, this period can be freely replaced jewelery made of ivory. Perfectly suited to you and the imitation jewelery and citrine ring, especially for business talks, and would bring good luck to you in terms of money. For romantic encounters (if any) must bring the ring with diamonds.


Do you like turquoise, garnet, onyx or malachite use for seduction or jade, or any details of the imitation stone, in any case, in the green. It helps with contacts with foreigners. For romantic encounters free to use the red tourmaline or artificial pearl will act “tamer” along with it. To make a long business meetings pieces with any type of semi-precious stones purple.


Your favorite jewelry bracelets are bulky, and can alpaca, or tiger eye, semi precious stones and usually choose turquoise. Feel free to wear it, even imitation, in the form of large pendants, possibly in the form of a scarab. Oriental necklaces in the form of silver pendants will raise the morale and well-being.

For evening, choose freely corals, although not yet a year.


Your gentle nature usually likes aquamarine, amethyst and pearl, and you can feel free to wear the jewelry with a lot of silver necklaces and bracelets. Basically you should orient on a necklace with an emphasis on green shades, such as green or purple amethyst. Pay special attention to shoes with rhinestones or decoration pieces erected in tamnoljubičastoj color.