Jupiter goes retrograde stroke ….. Jupiter brings optimism on the planet of happiness, freedom and enthusiasm!

We return to themselves, to the inside, we are faced with incomplete personal situations. Jupiter brings optimism on the planet of happiness, freedom and enthusiasm, the planet of hope, faith and optimism. The bad aspected brings negligence, laziness and exaggeration. When moving retrograde turn attention to questions of purpose of existence, we are working more on it, we approach life with more faith. Fields that Jupiter reigns in the natal chart will undergo review. We need to look back, look back. Maybe you should just remind us what is itself given, to see in your life happy circumstances and make sense of what has happened in recent months. Even this is enough to open up a new opportunity or a new course of action when Jupiter goes direct. Now it’s good to slow down, wait or delay. It is in such moments of inspiration comes and there is hope in the place where it otherwise would never ask. At the time of the retrograde Jupiter is easy to see the place we belong because we feel that there is an internal connection. In these periods, it becomes clear that everything happens for a reason that once we understand. Jupiter is the planet of growth and development, prosperity and abundance but when retrograde this does not take place in conventional and direct way. It is important to follow your intuition, find an indirect way to the finish. Indirect access to things brings expansion of horizons, opening new horizons! Jupiter is the vision, wisdom in us, the ability to see the true nature of things. With retrograde Jupiter can recognize your inner nature, as much as the true nature of those with whom we strongly linked. It is possible to become aware of patterns of behavior and how they relate to external events, it brings more practice and less philosophizing, can be linked to the fact the bigger picture, with the support of the internal sense.