Jupiter in Gemini lot of thought, a lot of knowledge and a lot of desire to learn everything!

Jupiter in Gemini – a lot of thought, a lot of knowledge and a lot of desire to learn everything, but little practical application of it. The person is often blinded by the tendency to adopt as many words, and then not know what to do with them. If there is a good aspect with Jupiter then this person will be to find ways to allow for the transfer of knowledge and practical application.

Since this is a sign of Gemini, then definitely some of the ways could be writing, talking or working with people. Natural Gemini manage and hands, but if a person has a water mark in the natal chart, this can be great artists, for example, engaged in sculpture, painting, dancing.

These people talk a lot, often intermittent, their actions do not follow their thoughts. Easily become nervous and irritable, especially if it comes to learning.

They have an analytical mind, but out of fear to commit to one area mostly end up with superficial facts. This is an indicator of general knowledge, curiosity and constant need for development. A person can have a big family and that comes from a very educated family.

This combination gives the humor, entertainment, travel, especially if the person is a professor of languages, interest in culture and a different way of life, many friends, often several faculties.