Jupiter in Libra and Jupiter-Saturn will work through sext!

Jupiter enters the sign of Libra, and we will deal more with relationships and partnerships in general. Expansion and Jupiter research next year will take place through the prism of art, love relationships, new ideas.

The need for harmony, exchanging ideas with others and teamwork, will be the main preoccupation of the year. We will be tactful, attentive to others, a pleasure dear people will be in the first place.

Jupiter is the whole year was in the sign of Virgo and therefore focused on the work, found satisfaction in it. He was also in a square to Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Sagittarius. Under the influence of these traditional malefic could not fully express the full potential in a way that was consistent with the sign of Virgo given that the two signs in the natural square.

Now, as Jupiter enters the sign of Libra, Jupiter and Saturn will work through the sextile, or more precisely, we have the better business period, because we know when to rely on others and when to yourself. When you discipline your intentions (Saturn) for the sake of higher goals (Jupiter), as well as how to realize their ideals through the love of self and others through concrete actions.

Many may feel some changes at work and in relationships with peers although Jupiter at 29 degrees Virgo. Since Jupiter is benefic beautiful natural circumstances this year brings podznacima Libra and Libra. Changes can refer to the appearance, but also changing attitudes and decision-making is very important for these people. Starting from the expansion of the family, moving, new job.

At the same time Jupiter in Libra will make a trine to Aquarius and Gemini ka, and sextile to Sagittarius and Leo, but these signs will experience positive changes on a personal level. Aquarius will be freer to express their ideas, Gemini maybe start a business related to writing, dance, handicrafts. Shooters will have luck with contracts and new opportunities for travel, a new love lions opportunities. Jupiter in Libra will make the opposition with Aries, but Aries this year may experience a variety of environmental changes both good and less good. It will probably be on a see-saw between his partner and the interest that they can brake to experience true love. These changes will experience and people with ascendant in these signs.

Certainly before us is a period of enjoyment and creation, through which we want to develop themselves, understand others, and finally become aware of unnecessary thoughts and worries.