Jupiter in Virgo-weight details, trying to systematize them!

Jupiter in Virgo tends details, trying to systematize them, finds purpose in the daily routine and motivated by the desire to develop and understand. The thoughts and ideas of this man are practical and aimed at full implementation, this position can give great teachers and practical philosophers without much effort can be very easy to explain abstract ideas.

Overall the actions of this man, and motivated by the desire to understand the particular system, but they prefer analytical work. I do not like to be rushed by anyone. Bit their financial security. Quickly adjust and see the meaning of the little things.

In a challenging sense, this situation may make it difficult for a person finding a practical approach to an issue, because Jupiter has a tendency to broaden and Merkur towards fragmentation, of course it is impossible at the same time strive for the big picture and understand the entire context, if we repeatedly focused on the details.

This leads to stress, frustration and ultimately to the fact that the job is done, or simply left to someone else. In this position, it is very important to see and build convenience and clearly defined approach astrological field in which he passed Jupiter. People with this position in the 9th house can be changed several times study or does not end until the end. These individuals work is very important and is generally best achieved when they are employed and when they are given the opportunity to arrange their business tasks. They are responsible, and tolerant, and can be glossy doctors and veterinarians, environment welcomes them. Are sociable and like to help.

Such Jupiter in Virgo we have in the sky, this position with retrograde Saturn brings us the opportunity to learn from our experiences, to focus work on it and work do not we realized that gratitude, happiness and meaning are the little things and the daily routine.