Jupiter is the king of the gods, the biggest and best! Jupiter causes the expansion!

Great Happiness. ” In the sign remains one year. This is the planet that is able to understand everyone. It is just that, he wants to help. So happy journey. Between the real and the unreal. It is important for philosophy, religion. Retrograde Jupiter brings its own philosophical and religious beliefs. Things seen in perspective and intuitive.

Jupiter rules the ninth house, ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces suvaldar.

COLOR: blue-purple.



PLANT: Jasmine.

DAY: Thursday.

Jupiter is the king of the gods, the biggest and best. The ancients perceived him as a dignified, just and paternal lord of the gods, humans and the whole astrology Kosmosa.U for him bind opportunities, advancement, growth, success, optimism, good humor, affection, happiness … Everything that touches Jupiter begins to spread, grow and prosper. Where it finds it brings well-being, happiness and wealth. Therefore, his position shows how to expand your horizons and where in life you can expect progress and success.

Jupiter causes the expansion of both the material and the spiritual sense and represents the principles of learning, teaching, travel, religion and law. Morality, ethics, religious themes, socialization and goodness are compared with Jupiter. In his good qualities continue to include mobility, istinoIjubivost and honesty, but also adventure, sport, athletics and the risks are under his rule.

While Mercury shows our career in the material life, Jupiter shows our internal career path in a reasonable and spiritual realm in which we find real satisfaction and happiness. While Mercury embodies our external expression, Jupiter represents our spiritual mission in life.

If Jupiter is strong, and Mercury is not, then we are essentially wise, but that apparently does not do so.

Jupiter is an indicator of growth, higher intelligence and children. As the largest of all the planets, Jupiter represents our areas of life in which we grow and learn. He represents children and therefore everything appropriated for our future. The number, gender, health, happiness and general condition of our children depends on Jupiter.

Jupiter embodies creativity and creative intelligence that grows from within, and internal principles. He loves to share and to be constantly developed and implemented. Jupiter in the chart represents the learning, teaching, health and science. At a higher level is a priest, but also property, form and hierarchy. Therefore, in Sanskrit and is called Brihaspati, the original priest Brahman.

Health significance: Jupiter rules the body above the hips, thighs, liver, gall bladder and pancreas (pancreas). Position of Jupiter is about body fat. Bad placed, may cause diabetes, liver problems, damage to the pelvic floor, the occurrence of stones in the gall bladder and skin problems.

Business significance: With him compared are the following educational groups: lawyers, teachers, printers, publishers and editors, actors, bankers and priests. Wealth is earned by a Brahman through morality, religion and banking.

The impact of favorable position: honesty, consistency, concentration and meditation. Science and happiness are easily achieved and created an optimistic atmosphere, fertility and benevolence. His innate tendency refers to the openness and generosity. In addition, Jupiter encourages discernment, ingenuity, wealth, happiness and good health.

The impact of disadvantage: extremism, extravagance, permissiveness, excessive optimism, carelessness, negligence, arrears, discussion, speculative losses, religious fanaticism, wrong judgment and bad calculations can be caused by unfavorable position of Jupiter.

Jupiter retrograde

-nagoni person to relive the truth – self, which develops its own religious, philosophical and ideological beliefs at a young age. All this is causing problems, dissatisfaction and restlessness because affinity for pure truth is in contrast with everyday worldly experiences. However, a person will be able to find his own way for expansion to other aspects escape because the instincts to Jupiter because Jupiter is retrograde karma linked to introspection through the higher mind. The person must be able to confirm before him in order to feel truly worthy of respect and honor which Jupiter promises. When these people are often confused with the city of the past from the present positions as if the person is already somewhere and once experienced. How many people make it up to her own JER JUPITER is a gift, and whether we accept it, it depends on our choice.