Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus in Aries

Jupiter is the planet that relates to faith, hope, dissemination of knowledge, education, personal beliefs, religious and philosophical views about something, and natural optimism and happiness. Jupiter in Aries then relates to the way Jupiter comes to these things, then this person has the need to impose their beliefs on others, can be a great motivator, as the pioneering spirit of Aries aligns with tendency to spread their ideas and ideas to others.

This is a person who likes practical (Aries) knowledge (Jupiter). Jupiter in Aries is related to their own ideals, a person may have a high opinion of himself and what he does. This person has a constant need to expand their knowledge (Jupiter) in a manner that is fast, energetic, direct, practical and concrete (Aries), so we can conclude that this is a person who prefers workshops and projects, rather than learning from books and analytical work .

Saturn is the planet of restrictions, boundaries, authority, laws and obligations. Saturn in Aries likes obligations, authority, because Aries rashness does not like conflicts, legal and procedural matters. These are the people who enforce the law in their own way, so I have no problem with work in state companies. Saturn in Aries likes to structures and systems are subject to changing, it has a constant tendency to redefine existing ones, to introduce some guidelines, changes and the like.

Saturn means the limitations and restrictions, but these people may have a problem with self-confidence or be forced to take responsibility very early in their families to yourself. May have fear (Saturn) of taking some action (Aries), especially if you think you can go wrong. This person cares (Saturn) on volume of how something works and what actions to take (Aries).

So, all we did here is that we combine keywords with keywords planet signs where the planets relate to nouns and adjectives mean to. Their function is to further clarify the meaning of the planet.

Uranus, on the other hand refers to the rebellion, chaos, reform, unconventional, shocks … with Uranus in Aries have progressive ideas, new discoveries in science, but also a dictatorship, excessive individualism and rebellion that is a function of showing rather than real change. Uranus in Aries applies to new discoveries in the field of surgery, but also to increase awareness of their own freedom and responsibility.

I think that this concept suits New Age theory that is based on human freedom. Man’s power is identified with God, man is called God, but not in the sense of humiliation of the religious concept of God, but the glorification of the character of human energy (Uranus) in changing and creating new environments (Aries).

Neptune is related to unconditional love, film, music, dreams, illusions, inspiration, hypnosis, unity, mystery liquid. Neptune in Aries would relate to flammable liquids (such as gasoline), the unconditional love of self (Aries), the illusion of Sebi. A person with Neptune in Aries can be very limited beliefs, which can go from self-love to a very confusing picture of yourself.

These people may also have problems with self-confidence, unclear definition of priorities in life, inability to organize. They may have a tendency to help people who are sick or who have survived a trauma. They also can happen in life that have a situation of strangulation or suffocation, as Neptune signifies liquids, a Capricorn head. With the proviso that when we speak of suppression, we can mention the symbolism of Gemini, as ruled by the lungs.

These people may excessive use steroids, or be obsessed with your body and muscles. If Neptune marks the film, then Neptune in Aries means action film.

Pluton relates to phobias, obsession, fear, isolation, death, birth, fraud, subconscious. Pluto in Aries; refers to a head, internal bleeding, head injury at birth, crime with violence. Here the violence is seen as a form of proof of victory and sending some messages about themselves.

Pluto in Aries talks about the transformation process through competition with themselves, can have a huge pain threshold, prone to falls, injuries, and can cause them deliberately. Pluto in Aries is a person who likes explosives.