Just so you know: The stars predict that you will ruin your life in 2021!

You may be able to prevent or at least mitigate disaster if we prepare in advance.


You will destroy your life so that you will be satisfied with something mediocre. You need that every day is a new adventure for you and you should not be satisfied by anything less than that because you will be bored and you will feel empty. Optimism and outlook on life are your most important features, and work on them more to avoid this.


I’ll let the stress and anxiety that you acquire. Rather than get upset about things you can not control – take a deep breath and focus on what you are in your control, and then work to adjust to things that can not be so easy to manage. Believe it or not, the whole universe is on your side, you just need a little effort to avoid disaster.


You destroy that too careful about what others think and say about you. Be honest with yourself, that’s the most important thing you can do this year. Do not let fear of what others think, and lead you to ruin your life because, in truth, it is possible that these other nine are thinking about you (perhaps they are also obsessed with what someone else thinks about them). Live your life the way you want, try to be happy and to make you comfortable. Do not let anybody’s opinion change who you are deep inside.


Excessive will undertake this year and it can ruin your life. You like to do some things at your own pace, which is sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow. No obavezujte that you will do things you do not really want to do just because they feel an obligation, because it will punish the distant slopes.


Too much thinking. Do you need to be respected and appreciated and to be important to everyone in your life, and to further disable believing in themselves that you are not good enough. Do not let your own mind to convince you that you are not beautiful just because someone might not appreciate your friendship as much as you want. People change and often outgrow some other people, it is true that it hurts, but we all need to work through and understand. We can not control the people and to force them to retain in their life. As soon as you realize you will be easier to focus on the ones that you really love and value.


You hide your feelings and it will destroy you. Do not keep the stress down, remove it and remove the burden from behind. You do not need to insult every person you encounter or find healthy ways to discharge. Try yoga or long hot baths, eat-quality dark chocolate or watch your favorite movies. Find something that will make you happy while you say “cracker” and everything will be easier and nicer.


You will destroy your life this year requesting that you accept people that you otherwise could not care less. Those who are in your environment you have already received and you have to understand that this is what is most important. Look no “amen” from people who you would never give, because these people you do not even need in life.


He would surround the wrong people – those who do not have much to offer you and those who will judge you. You are open-minded person and you need to have people around you who understand. One to all your ideas to understand and accept. Be true to yourself, true to your beliefs and to hold people without prejudice and molds in which you have to fit.


Trying to be someone and something that you are not, even though you need freedom. You need people who accept you as you are. Do not try to modify for someone because you will eventually feel miserable, and you deserve to be happy this year. Those who are already in your life are there because you love it and simply recognizes, stick to them and do not allow themselves to run away from your ego.


I’ll ruin your life because you will not give my best. Would you like a lot, but great things require great risks. Take them. What you really want is a life in which everything that giving back and helping you to build yourself. And it is possible. But should you do to try and not kneel not in one step. Do your best and you will not be disappointed. Enough restraint, unleash your inner beast!


You always have someone to reply and let us reason together. Do things the best you know how, you are free to do whatever you want. Limiting ourselves to others and justifying slowly but surely you will ruin your life. Do not let this happen more, put an end to the Stand up for yourself.


I do not appreciate the love with which you are surrounded. If you are alone you will think that you are not whole because you lack the prettier or stronger half, but actually you are surrounded with a lot of love and that you must not forget. If you are in a relationship you should start to appreciate all the little things your partner does for you. If you think that you too lull in the security of the connection, find a way to the season. Love is everywhere and in every sense to cultivate, only you must not forget that notice.