K S P O R I A-J If you like black humor potrazite company Scorpio!

1. If you like black humor potrazite company Scorpio. People who know them say that with them a lot of fun, and best enjoyed in their lucid and witty witty provocations to shoot at the core of the problem.

2. Judging by the experience of the United States, failed companies have the greatest chance of recovery if you find yourself in the hands of professional Scorpio. They Maher in all affairs that require reconstruction, reorganization, seeking new paths.

3. They are, according to US sources, the Royal Exchange. For this ability can thank his extraordinary intuition and the need to win another. Sometimes they will surpass that only claims Players Capricorn or Aquarius flexible.

4. Patients born under this sign are the easiest to recover from the trauma and juices. Blows of fate perceived as a kind of test you need to pass someone with a better result, and the problems they inspire additional power.

5. Scorpio and Aries as prone to uncontrollable outbursts of anger. In it you will be satisfied if you start to analyze them in front of others, or they ask personal questions.

6. They are in their element only when night falls. Their concentration was strongest around midnight, but LEKS learn and work when other people are sleeping.

7. More than other signs like to show conspicuous tattoos all over his body, multiply pierced ears, a Scorpio women love to wear earrings in the nose or navel.