Karmic planet associated with past-history repeats itself

As for the karmic planets associated with the past, we must look at history. Through teacher of life we ​​see many wars that have so far conducted. Yet these wars are not a thing of the past. Hotbeds of war are still active today, just in a slightly different form. The desire to possess and control is not changed for thousands of years. The only thing that is changing is the way of war.

The desire for possession is too strong so there is a clash of interests. These conflicts are fed the entire nation, causing wars. Today we can see how humans seriously jeopardized the proper functioning of the first three chakras.

Conflicts over resources, the struggle for power and domination, and existential fears in today’s society is extremely pronounced. But this position of Saturn and Ketu this year open up some old wounds for the umpteenth time in the course of human history. Since Saturn represents the history, it will bring human civilization to those lessons that have not yet been overcome and where so persistently sin for several millennia.

Saturn and Ketu were in a similar position in the sky in 1939 and 1962. In 1962 the world was on the brink of a nuclear disaster, but the worst is avoided at the last moment. A similar story is repeated again this year.

Saturn and Ketu deliver mankind karma of its own creation, which is the great sorrow negative.

This year is actually a wake-up call. Many concepts, beliefs and beliefs that exist must be changed. The past is the past and should remain there. For people it is necessary to realize our spiritual nature and to get out of the rough material fetters.

All who practice some form of spirituality should devote a maximum of their inner being. They have before them a remarkable period to cause a major transformation. And as in nature everything is connected, the change in itself will be able to change the world around them. Although currently has more negativity in the world, this one should not discourage you. Saturn-Ketu conjunction will bring all the necessary changes. Up to us to change the world in order to exit the circle of self-destruction.