Please fill out three factors to prevent development of the disease. The first is physical health and maintaining a healthy body. Another factor is understanding your emotional reactions. And the third factor is the mental balance, and discipline of thought.

Each of us has thoughts, be they good or bad, poisonous or sweet, and it can not be denied. In order to understand their thoughts, we need to understand our desires. Desire creates the impulse from which subsequently formed the thought, and that is exactly what drives us.

If you have bad thoughts, for example. To be at somebody else and at the same jealousy, drag and discover its cause and then eliminate. In this way, you prevent the formation of negative patterns in the bud. In this way, they make contact with the soul and all that it carries in itself. You do not have to face problems in life, in this case with the disease, if the weather eliminate the cause of its occurrence.

The higher the balance between the physical, psychological and mental aspect of your being and my life will be fulfilled and you will be able to enjoy it.

I believe you will all agree that it is better, if we have to go through some form of negative karma we have created a long time ago that we mosquito bites, it bites us tiger.

Of course, as always, the choice is up to us.