Know your innermost secrets: These are the biggest weakness zodiac signs!

Everyone has a vice, weakness that eventually can become a big problem. If you have a problem with it that you realize what’s your biggest weakness, astrology will help.

RAM – Brawler

Calm down a bit. As soon as a little step on you (literally or not), you are able to SASP barrage of insults against the person. Although you zodiacal baby, you’re an adult and you have to act in accordance with his age – become a diplomat. After all, remember that true warriors hold your enemies close.

BIK – self-indulgence

No, what you just had a whole family pack ice cream is not “self-love”. Admit that you do this for several days in a row. Someone’s hurt feelings and that you have a problem with that calm. And that’s fine, if you need to isolate the day of all, it is quite okay. But the day is not a whole week, not Indulge yourself.

GEMINI – Fierce debate

Not all know how much you disagree with any article you read a few days ago on the Internet. Allow people to live. Calm down a bit, you do not have an eye only to discuss, but your attitude is always the right one. Stop fake it smart.

RAK – Mama

As one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac, and you absolutely adore your mother or you can not submit, and you think that you ruined my life. Whatever it comes from these two cases, mind you her disapproval, but you must realize that you are an adult and you do not need that much to make you bit her opinion. You live your life.

LAV – Flattery

We all like to be someone like us and our people are the prices, but you’ve climbed this game to another level. Even if someone knocks at the door at three in the morning and tells you that you are beautiful, you will enthusiastically continue to chat, to see “where it leads.” Hold it down, wake up and realize that the lives of compliments.

VIRGO – Mess

In a meeting, and the third, finally the time has come to go back to my apartment with a person that you like. The action starts, remove the clothing and … wait, why these pots can not be located where? And the picture on the wall stands awry … Calm down, no burning planet Earth because something is not as you imagined.

SCALE – Decisions

Have you come out with your friends, you go to dinner and then spend four hours discussing the menu. Yes, it sounds trivial, but it is nevertheless an important decision, do not you? Well, NE! Stop stressing so much about little things.


You are such a master of all that you have completed the entire survey, determine the target and when you’ve finally saved to “throw your hook” someone turned you down and you can not pass over it. You must learn to accept the word “no”, it is not end of the world.

SCORER – Disagreement

You are optimistic enough to create optimism of dogma and run away from reality. You refuse to look at the thing or situation from other angles. Indulge yourself and realize that not only your understanding correctly.

CAPRICORN – Challenges

You really love to do everything the hard way. I love doing that too. Go on vacation, you do yoga, or just drag the peace and quiet. It’s not what has had it yourself, but also everyone around you tense, it’s time for a break.

AQUARIUS – The problem that demands a solution

If someone is exposed to a problem, you drool like a dog over a bone. Whether it is a great humanitarian disaster or a broken nail, you’ll hurry up to solve and be the hero of the story. Learn how to set priorities because you can not help everyone.

FISH – Sadness

Surround yourself with happy people and you’ll be happier. Do not you like you’re addicted to sadness. Little by little you snatch a sob. Learn to handle setbacks and difficult moments, you can not forever suffer.