Kom Zodiac Sign most envy? Because you are possessive, jealous and impatient, the most envious ……


Since you are possessive, jealous and impatient, the most jealous of the Virgin, for her patience and innate perfectionism. But the target of your open dependencies can be found principled Capricorn, who is willing to work across borders and your endurance due to professional success and social recognition, and powerful Scorpio, because of the reliability and dominance.


Successful you when you’re doing a job you love, but the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, as well Vagi envy in public popularity, social contacts and opportunities that her point regarding the foreigners and travel. According to the shooters show resentment because managed to get the money in an easier way than you do, and because most often travels.


While you are adaptable and resourceful, intuitive jealous Scorpio in its mystery and wisdom, so that it can read you like a book, while you burn with impatience to learn something from it, and it keeps you in suspense. Authoritative Capricorn envy the success and money because he can, because it is persistent and consistent. What are the qualities that you generally do not have.


Although you are generally well ‘pampered’, many secretly envious, although few of those who settled the better of you, or to select more successful partner, especially if you are a woman. Adventurers shooter envy the sociability and ability of spontaneous and open expression of feelings, and communicative Aquarius social connections and the ease with which it establishes.


Respect those who are in senior professional positions than you, or jealousy, possessiveness and materialistic attitude tripping when you feel envy prama worth Capricorn, because of his ambition and determination to succeed in everything they do get. Irritates you the ability melancholic Fish to express their emotions in a romantic way, as you do not really succeeding.


Although you are articulate and intelligent, difficult to assemble your friends, but mostly charming envy Aquarius popularity and popularity in society, which is mostly everywhere welcomed and invited guests. And by Aries can feel envy because of his innate arrogance and the ease with which establishes communication, but also because of the tenacity and competitive spirit, especially in sports.


Popular and you know a lot of influential people, or admiration mixed with envy you feel toward the stubborn resistance of Taurus that there are material goods, what necessarily works. Flexible Pisces can envy their skills to easily, without embarrassment and scandal, they drew from every unpleasant, especially business situations.


The creative and powerful you are, but few can surpass you, when you focus on your goal. But lurking probably feel envy toward Aries, because of its vitality and dynamism. Fluctuating Gemini can envy superficiality, because you usually overloaded own sistematičnošću, commitment to everything you do and depth of feeling.


Although considered one of the luckiest signs, you may be overwhelmed by envy Taurus, because of its beauty and physical appearance, but also because of its housing and financial status. Cancer can envy, because it has a quiet, dignified family life and familiar environment that you, in your business chaos seems so unattainable.


You are righteous and strict, so jealous of those who did not lift a finger does not, have a lot more than you deserve. You are hypersensitive, so elusive Gemini envy, because due to its shallowness, it’s easy to forget or overcome bad things that have happened to them. Envy and fiery Leo the ability to show your passion as you do not understand.


You are not so envious when someone is successful or wealthy you are, how you become aware of its impermanence, for which you have not yet settled. Therefore envy familial cancer family and home environment where truly enjoys. Although you feel, envy will never openly show toward the Virgin, for her courage to engage in private business and persevere in everything.


While you are flexible and able to get out of each ‘muddy water’ into which you fall, you’re a little unsure of yourself, so you can feel the envy of charming Libra, because of its popularity in the society and attractive appearance. The charismatic Leo irritates you, because it is self-conscious, and his envy at the success and glamor that comes with it wherever it is found.