KONTROL MANIJACI All annoying because most jealously Sign

It is a virgin.

Members of this sign seldom make any kind of failure because of the careful planning that characterizes them. Many murders its accuracy, or Device not know how else to live. Their mind is all i calculate my no place omissions. Everything you do in life prefer to do without mistakes.

It is not surprising that the Device information very distrustful towards their partners and quickly know how to show possessiveness and jealousy, which suffocate and refuse partners.

Device have an incredible desire to control people they care about, and it is often known to cross the boundaries of good taste, but as a device that does not care about that.

In love are very suspicious and very soon may refuse partners due to their possessiveness and jealousy. Therefore, if your chosen not a member of this sign, a good watch and learn to control his desires.