L A V-Fraud and zodiac signs! Do you cheat or are faithful, find out what the stars say! (ASTRO)

L A V ON -Him agreeable to such a degree of attention and applause of others that it is difficult to resist the “wilderness called” a man who Lav very easy to recognize in women’s eyes. Before his vanity and the need to impress your wife’s cavalier behavior, so that he even considers them a favor by allowing them to keep in touch with him. Because Leo is nice, but regardless of the number of female fans, he can put an end, as soon as he realizes that he is the prey rather than the hunter. He can not stand trivial, not masculine women and rarely descend to the criteria below its level. Otrpeće gossip, because he cares about family and partners, although he has been unfaithful.

L A V ONA – As great minds to organize themselves and other women lioness will be sufficiently given to the partner, so that he does not suspect that her interested in someone else. But since lioness never enough Mazen, cared for and admired, she will risk that is seen with a man who is fascinated enough and that her impressive enough, but usually remains faithful, for pride. If you deceive her, is not likely to forgive you, if everyone around her has already learned: leave you because lioness generally have neither the desire nor the need for revenge.