L A V-weak point them sweets, cakes, ice cream cups and pancakes!

1. Research conducted in Hollywood, New York and in France show that the Lions najvedrniji visitors more important social events and are regularly present at all glamorous parties.

2. Lions belong to a rare group of lucky ones who do not succumb to panic, not three before taking the exam, as well as in situations where they have to perform before an audience. Most pop stars were born just in this sign.

3. They like to take pride in what they have, including the selection of partners. Loved one will proudly show society and emphasize its charm, beauty and education.

4. Although rarely decide to divorce, studies show that the break-most likely in May and December. Months in which usually fall in love as January, February, April and June.

5. Lions vases for the best lovers Zodiac / except Scorpio and Pisces /, but research shows that they usually suffer from sexual problems. The reason for this lies in their pride and vanity.

6. A survey by the respected business magazine, one of the fifty largest US companies shows that a large percentage of people in leading positions, were born under this sign, in the middle layer of managerial their presence even greater.

7. It is believed that the Lions gourmands, a weak point of their candy, cakes, ice cream cups and pancakes.