Large annual Aries Love Horoscope for 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

In a year with already weakened Mars, ruler of your sign in Libra which brings propensity to indulgence and lack of activity. Venus, planet of love, romance, ruler of your astrological field of partnerships and marriage in early years is poor in Capricorn and can bring problems in love or family life, and because of your great rigidity or inclination to partner imposes its will.
Beginning of the year was marked by very difficult aspects in which there is a large cross, aspect between Mercury, Pluto, the moon and the sun in your astrological field of family as well as career and Jupiter, on the one hand and between Mars and Uranus from the first-seventh astrological house ( vi – partner). This aspect can trigger a person to action and the need for change at any cost why the possible disruptions relationship, marriage or freely bring unexpected encounters and friendships that can develop into a serious relationship.

Love asteroids throughout the year bring excitement to the emotional level. In January you have a protection of love asteroids Ceres and Vesta from an astrological fields of partnership which can symbolize a partner who will help in many ways to answer, among other things, will try to win you over. Krjem generation born in the 60s and early 70s were most affected by the transit of Mars and Uranus, which is why the pier turbulent relationships, strong passions, sumnjičvost the sincerity of partners, despite his efforts to prove otherwise you will be the dominant feeling of distrust. Asteroid Psyche with Pluto in Capricorn early in the year to March 15 brings a huge impact on the family members of your decision of a personal nature, including emotional life, and then transiting through the sign of Aquarius until the end of the year and free returns need to expand the circle of friends. Many new acquaintances can be very important to you. Until February 1, when Venus moves direct or walk again weakened in Capricorn, a favorite meeting period during which you can have a problem if you are on some work, especially with Libra, Taurus and Capricorn.

In February you should be tactical because otherwise, your obstinacy in making decisions related to family life can bring problems. Asteroid Eros Karma and its position in Sagittarius brings the possibility of connection with or poznastva abroad during February and the first half of March. Then more love asteroid Juno entered your sign of a pronounced sign of Aquarius brings a lot of meaningful social life. Then you will be prone to flirting.

Although Mars, planet of action and eroticism, a symbol of the male principle, during the spring, “bad”, in retrograde walking through the sign in which its properties are not coming to the fore, in Libra, from March 2 to May 20, which is also the sign of a marriage, you can turn weakened the strength of Mars in your favor. If you if you tried to be, at least until the end of July, more settled, more patient and tolerant, the philosophical way you solve any problems with your partner. Venus, planet of love, ruler of the astrological field partnerships in its transit through Pisces bring the need for romantic connection on March 18, where he will reside until May 4 when they get into your character. This transit of Venus through Pisces until early May can bring less discomfort in communicating with someone you’re some kind of opsesije.U spring will be a need for a romantic relationship, and the young Rams can bring a desire to establish a home, a marriage, it is possible to enlarge the family and enjoy in marital harmony. Many representatives of your characters will want to go with a partner abroad for a longer period. In mid-April, you can be tempted to enter into relationship with Gemini, Virgo or Aquarius or in a secret relationship with a Libra, Taurus and Pisces.

The impact of conflicts on the planet your character is not negligible this year. Saturn, the planet of emotional coldness, loneliness and pessimism in Scorpio, the sign through which transit throughout the year, can bring a large dose of jealousy and possessiveness, especially those born in the second and third decade sign of April 20th. In mid-April a good aspect between Venus and Saturn can bring men rams a pretty complicated relationship, flirting with someone you will often see each other at work, but it is possible that the Aries partner and be unsure of their emotions. Saturn is retrograde, ie. weakened in its power (less tension, less jealousy) from March 3 to 21 July, by which time you should try to sort out relations with a partner, especially if recently shown increased concern, both for their status at work and for finance .

Uranus, the planet eskcentričnosti in your sign can be your personal charm to give much that others will recognize it as an attractive part of your personality and the year will help you to be yourself, you do not let anyone disrupt plans for the love lives or have any impact on you. In late March and early April, the conjunction of the Sun, Uranus and asteroid Juno in your sign can make the acquaintance that those rams that have been married could shake marital harmony. In the dark of the Month of April 15. You can also have the feeling that someone wants to undermine good family relationships, it is possible that someone will interfere in your relationship with your partner, it is possible that this will be the members of your partner’s family. The problem will arise due to your lack of self confidence. Most representatives of your sign in the spring, Aprilia and May may have the impression that he must make a significant change in your life. Long bonds experienced a transformation available have the opportunity to enter into a relationship with someone with whom to fall in love at first sight.

Jupiter, the planet that has a good influence on you, whether you are in a relationship with someone who lives in another country or you are married, longer relationship, until mid-July, however, mitigates the impact of the weakened Mars and influence of lunar eclipses, protects family life of those who are willing to change something in his character or bar behavior, lifestyle because Uranus in your astrological house of personality that requires you and makes you ready to enter into marriage. At the time of the eclipse of the Sun, April 29, the planet that rules your astrological field of love young, insecure and love Rams can be shaken behavior of partners, especially if they are rising in some water or earth sign (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, fish)

In May, Venus transiting through your sign, which brings strong emotions, tumultuous passions tendency to flirt. From 17 May exact conjunction of Venus in your sign, which brings impulsivity and Uranus, the planet of sudden encounters, a symbol of your friends, in opposition to Mars could mean acquaintance with uniformed person, with some pilots, flight attendant, a person wearing a kind of uniform at work or through acquaintance colleagues, friends.

In June, the continuing favorable transit of Venus, though secondhand June can be stressed if you are related to a senior partner in mid-July if you are traveling somewhere, it is possible to meet friendly and new poznanstvo.U July entry of Jupiter in the sign of Leo the March Rams brings new romance I very romantic mood. Your interest may attract a Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, or someone who is under the influence of Mars (Aries, Taurus, Gemini), or when i ma Mars in personal horoscope in one of these characters, regardless of the zodiac znaka.Moguće are passionate love during the summer, especially on holidays.

In the first half of August, you are a romantic mood and from mid-August to mid-September can be suspicious and very possessive. August is as far as asteroids great month because it allows the position of the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Black Moon in Leo at the beginning of August brings a lot of different possibilities for achieving happy relationships with Leo, lightning, Gemini, Devicom.Od the second half of September performances of your time, you will be dominant , determined and ready to take your love life into his own hands.

When Mars, ruler of your sign is entered Sagittarius in mid-September, also begins the period in which it is possible romance with a stranger in the first half of October and the next second lunar eclipses, October 8, which negatively reflects on your ego, you are protected in the good position of Venus Libra in your astrological field of partnership which is why you are a representative of a character or a Taurus, Virgo or Taurus can woo. In the second half of October, you will be in connection with a person who is engaged in sports or travel frequently. November brings conflicts in the family and possible disagreements in December the entry of Mars in Aquarius provides new opportunities for a new acquaintance.

Conclusion – how tolerant attitude towards the partner, current or potential, or against family members will achieve inner peace because it will be appreciated by changing your attitude. By mid-July, be of assistance to family members since mid-July, you think to yourself, the Prius itself more joy. It is possible to enlarge the family and enter into marriage in the second half of the year. On the partner’s attention disregard or do not you be suspicious and probing minded.