Large annual Cancer Love Horoscope for 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

Heavily influenced by Jupiter, the planet benefactors that protects your interests no matter what kind of problem you’re facing. Jupiter transiting through your sign until mid-July so that you, regardless of some of the less favorable aspects such as the beginning of the year retrograde transit of Venus, planet of love through your astrological house of partnership and marriage have the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments.
Dame Crabs are slightly more advantages than men to be mainly directed their energies to work. Born in the mid 70s may feel that many problems easier to solve than in previous years, there will be more tolerant and willing to make any kind of concessions. Year 70.tih from the start until the beginning of the 80’s is very sensitive, supporting a variety of “madness”, the changes, hasty decisions.

Beginning of the year can be very dramatic for those cancers that have high expectations of themselves and of the partners if the relationship or marriage is in crisis for some time, will be ready to engage if necessary in parallel connection. Those who are free, can also be the beginning of the year until the beginning of March will be in some kind of dilemma or a desire to get out casually with two partners and to maintain communication with persons who are dear to them, expecting them to take the emotions the right way.

This, however, will not easily happen because im Mars and Saturn, the two planets are very dominant in Capricorn in falling their astrological field partnership is not conducive to their retrograde walk from the beginning of March to the end of July. Meanwhile, Mars will move direct stroke in late May or before February or March, someone has to do with the large institutions, or public art can be quite persistent in order to conquer them and possible srastvena connection. Although many will have Crabs need to be with someone much younger, such a link, no matter which half you are, will not bring anything good, especially in the case of Gemini, Virgo or Aquarius. Many of the Tropic of Capricorn and Taurus intrigue and all would give to be able to be with them, and be a person born under the sign of Aries but such connections will not be simple, should they ever occur.

Since the beginning of March when the Black Moon Lilith, symbol erotksih power is left your mark your confidence can be shaken especially if you are in a complicated relationship with someone who is not available or when it is from recentt divorced or broke the link and you will have to adjust his / her pace of work, it is possible that it will often be absent from your city.

Asteroids love having a big impact on you especially on ladies cancers. Beginning of the year brings the possibility of renewal of ties with a Capricorn or Scorpio. Eros and Psyche in Scorpio in Capricorn bring the need for intense emotional relationship and the need to analyze the psychological attitude. Prijaci your relationship with your doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist. Eros will soon enter into a shooter or you force Eros in early February, replaces the initial impact Amora degrees Taurus, which can bring into your life a person who is engaged in business.

Asteroid Psyche in Capricorn until the middle of March it makes you ready to discuss their feelings honestly and talk in early March Eros you again in favor of joining the sign of Capricorn.

If you were born in the mid to late 80s just transit of Venus, which can bring some unforeseen problems or concerns related to decisions regarding your relationship or marriage, the beginning of the year, can help mid-April will bring stormy passionate relationship filled with jealous scenes and unexpected encounter with one Aquarius, Taurus, Libra and Aries. Those who are married at the time, in April should its tolerance in any way extend to an unprecedented scale if you do not want to fight.

In mid-May, the transit of Venus can certainly help you find the ideal partner in the form of some device or some scales or Taurus. In May you can “haunt” someone born under the sign of Gemini when you occasionally sets and has a need to examine how listed on your list of fans. Then it can happen secret brief relationship with someone who is much younger than you.

Jun could be very exciting because Amor asteroid enters your sign, asteroid Eros is already in Capricorn in your astrological field of partnerships and you’ll be at the stage of anticipation that something good happens in your love life, especially if you’re free.

Many ladies Crabs being in a relationship with someone who is engaged in the serious business, very responsible, possibly with economists, doctors and will be very practical in an attempt to secure themselves a secure connection with someone who will not let you down. Jupiter in your sign has a good aspect to Saturn, most of the year until the autumn, when moving strained aspect of this planet of principle why you should be less demanding in financial terms, especially if you are a young lady Rak.Do make the most favorable end of June aspect between Jupiter, the planet of opulence and strong emotions and Saturn, the planet of convenience, especially if you were born after 5 July because this aspect can favorably affect the relationship with the successful partner while born in the first decade mark, the June Crabs be influenced by romantic Neptune Fish of the year and prone to idealizing the partner, empathetic and willing to help them in relation to his career.

Born between 1974 and 1977 will be heavily influenced by Jupiter will transit through their natal Saturn was in Cancer or Leo, from mid-July will be more tolerant when their criteria as to what should be their partner. Many things can go in an unwanted direction if you were born in the early to mid 50s and ready to restore a connection from a young age. In this case, you can significantly complicate your life because it will retrograde Mars make a mess in your life, especially if it is a secret relationship and from early March to late May. If you are in relation to Scorpio, who was born in the mid 50s or 80s can also be prone to stress because it will be a partner, no matter how much in love, passionate, and at the same time demanding and not sufficiently tolerant.

If you are in a relationship with a new partner than half 2013.potrudite to withstand the temptations that will bring pressure environment and family, especially if you are in relation to the Taurus, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius, if you are young, for example. born in the early 90s and are ready to lead their lives without asking anyone for advice in a relationship that’s complicated or related to someone who is quite unreliable.

In mid-April in the dark of the moon, the ruler of your sign, you may be tempted to do something in the heat of the moment it will not be convenient for you. However, much more interesting might happen crustaceans from June until autumn because Jupiter that they donodi from the middle of last year a lot of new excitement, set the stroke over the Tropic of Cancer zodiac perfectly. He brings them confidence and hedonistic approach to life. With less tension will have access to solve all problems, including concerns of love

Amor asteroid in transit through your sign from the beginning of June brings a lot of interesting meetings. The first half of June can be quite turbulent, if you are inclined parallel connections. Someone at work, it is possible when working for foreigners or engage in private business, could interest you in yourself and you are on the threshold of a serious relationship with someone with whom you will have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outside the country. Saturn, ruler astrological house of partnership and marriage in the right place in relation to your character until the end of 2014, brings the possibility of entering into a relationship with someone who could be a very responsible and willing to with you very soon enter into a serious relationship and those who are already married, can expect an extension of the family. Saturn in direct stroke of July 21 brings born in the last decade, a sign of a stable partner or partners need to participate more in community life and verovanto will try to contribute in every way to the stabilization of relations. Problems could arise only if you are related to Taurus, Aries or Sagittarius or with persons who are rising, some of these characters. From your perseverance that relationship or a marriage to be successful, and on your tolerance and understanding much depends.

Entering Amora in the first half of June in your sign until the Eros still in the astrological house of partnership makes you ready to start a passionate relationship with someone who is very ambitious, popular and very charming. In mid-July Eros retrograde walking back into Sagittarius and you can get in touch with someone who has nothing to do with foreigners.

During August you should be wary of emotional relationships, especially if your partner thinks that you are the dominant party in the relationship or if you are present in public. If you were born at the beginning of the sign, an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius might be very interested in you and if you were born at the end of the sign, you should be more lenient with your partner, especially if it is a Sagittarius, Taurus and Pisces. Be careful not to be a “victim” osbobe who likes to flatter and will at any price you want to conquer but which will nevertheless, most loving yourself. Your need for emotional security with Leo or Libra will not be so easily satisfied. Amor asteroid in Leo with Black Moon Lilith makes you very choosy when it comes to partners, but many will think that you are a collector of fans.

In October, you can be exposed to stress, especially when it comes to the relationship with a stranger or someone who travels frequently for work, who is not willing to subordinate his life to you. In late October, new period of one month and a half during which the possible interesting encounters with people who are reputable, well-known or very ambitious. Born at the beginning or at the end of the sign will be stressed during the solar eclipse of October 23 if you then have a relationship with Leo or Aries. Those who have any problems in the family should be at this time to avoid conflicts. If you have problems at work or if you are being courted by someone who has a higher rank than you is not free, consider whether you should engage with him in vezu.Do beginning of December, you can enjoy the company of a person who is ambitious, in asteroids karma with Eros, Mars and Pluto in your astrological field partnership brings a feeling that you are in a relationship that you somehow destined.

Conclusion Take advantage of all the benefits that brings in Jupiter moving through your sign and a sign Lava because it could intensify with you the desire for a change of lifestyle. Follow your intuition and do not overload any event from the past or termination that you thought you could not get over it. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or another Taurus with Scorpio and Capricorn can be ideal partners for you.