Large annual Gemini Love Horoscope for 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

This could be one of those years to remember, because you naruku go transit of Jupiter to you in the first half of the year brings the possibility of connection with a stranger or the possibility of entering into a relationship with someone who lives in inostrasntvu in the second half of the year have the opportunity to bond with someone who will be a good financial situation wisely, to our mutual satisfaction and jointly invest money into a family business. It is possible that you will get married, move abroad. You will not let the Venus retrograde stroke earlier this year, the transit of the planet of love until the beginning of March through Capricorn destabilize or negatively affect you so you prone to succumb to jealousy. This work still brings a difficult relationship with someone may seem to you a little verbal kinji, especially if much older than you and if you are a lady Gemini. By joining Venus in Aquarius as you much more convenient, just at a time when Mars, the planet of passion moving retrograde stroke, as well as Saturn, the planet that governs your astrological field possessiveness early March modify their mode of communication and understand the importance of diplomacy in love and you will be more tolerant and willing to think about marriage, especially with Leo or Sagittarius.
Representatives of your characters will be prepared for various kinds of love “folly”. If you belong to those who were born in the late 80s, early 90s, you are very much in love. And middle-aged twins, they are around 60 years of age, he will feel as the first youth. There is no age that will not be shaken retrograde Mars, the planet of eroticism to seven months stay in your astrological field of love, as retrograde, which direct stroke. Yet such a stroke of Mars can bring a lot of unforgettable love and romantic moments on some who will want to meet your obligations.

At the time of lunar eclipses April 15 and October 8 for a slight confusion over with someone you are not sure whether you have a friend or a potential romantic partner.

Related ambitious person, especially with Capricorn, Scorpio or Aries can be very complicated, especially if you are a lady Gemini. You will be torn between personal ambition and your partner’s business plans and commitments that will often require you to adjust his schedule.

January is very stressful for most representative of your sign as you will be considered to be a partner Pons too domineering, possessive and you do not provide enough love.

Jupiter, ruler of your sign in retrograde walking through the astrological field of money and work until 6.mata brings the possibility of conflict if you are related to ambitious people whose goal is to make as much due to a themselves are very ambitious and both possessive. Toys cat and mouse and you will alternately changed roles. If the difference between the two is greater than five years, stay in nepotrene conversations that do not lead to anything, at least not the clarification of the basic problems that you may be considered to stem from the partner’s lack of sincerity.

The retrograde stroke Mercury, ruler of your sign through the sign of Pisces and Aquarius 7.febraura from March 1 to be totally destabilize you if you are a lady Gemini, romantic and in the expectation that you hear from a person who is very dear to you, in which you feel a kind of obsessive love .

Beginning March is very important because then Mars and Saturn retrograde start walking and you will have the impression that hold the ends of their lives in their hands and that no one can destabilize you or hurt you. On the other side of the Sun in Pisces and Venus in Aquarius brings the possibility of a richer social life and free twins can expect interesting meetings.

Those who are in relationships that are sometimes in crisis and those who do not have a good relationship with your partner should try to avoid discussion since they will not achieve anything, you will only worsen the relationship.

During March, you can experience the romance of the work or the artist, public figure. Free Gemini in April may be aware of the extent to which popular in society and possible acquaintance with the attractive person that wins in society.

If you are in a relationship or marriage, you will be ready to fit into the plans of the partner or if you are male twins more attention you give away his career rather than love. Free Gemini mid-April can expect an extremely romantic encounter or relationship with someone who will like them even though it can be very complicated ličnost.Vaš character is influenced by Mercury, the planet that fast three times a year goes retrograde stroke and it will be in 2014 periods from February 16 to March 1, from 18 June to 2 July and 26 October of Then you can be quite indecisive, unreliable and tolerant. Many of you will consider that, on the contrary, very tolerant relationships within the family and will be prone to impulsive decisions.

In mid-April Amor asteroid will enter your sign through which to transition through the first half of June and the good aspect with Uranus conjunction of Venus and about 15 May near the point where there was a lunar eclipse on 15 April, in Aries, the sign of passion can bring the possibility of connection with an athlete, a person who has a kind of uniform or with someone who is very attractive, charming, popular in society.

In May, a possible secret relationship or casual going out with someone under whose duties will have to be fit and you’ll probably be happy to do, because the partner will be very ambitious, successful and worthy of your attention.

A turbulent year in the company of people who often travel abroad, especially from the middle of July when Jupiter is entered in the sign of Leo brings a possibility, especially if you are free, new friendships with people who are most likely known to the public or very popularne.U August can be prone to conflicts and you probably will not be able to customize something that does not suit you and will concern an Aries, Leo, Capricorn or Scorpio. From mid-September to late October imminent possibility of relationship with someone who lives abroad and who will be the first look. During this period, it is possible to renovation relationship with someone to whom you have never been indifferent and it is possible that you are occasionally seen in recent years. Most likely it is a person you often think that you can not without it even though it has a difficult character. Asteroid Karma almost the whole year transiting through your astrological field partnerships in Sagittarius, which could create with you the feeling that you are the ideal partner for someone who lives abroad, or frequently travel abroad. Asteroid Psyche is also well positioned from the beginning of March to the end of the year in Aquarius brings the possibility that with the help psihanalize solve different kinds of emotional dilemma, especially if a long time and this is one of the characters with whom you can grow old with good communication although this asteroid go occasionally retrograde Hodod doneseći you considerable confusion on an emotional and spiritual level. You will not be clear how to set up by someone who will be considered as very important in their life and who will often be in the way.

In July, will be heavily influenced by the asteroid Juno love which is in conjunction with Venus, planet of love brings many pleasant moments as possible with Libra and Leo. Transit Mars, planet of passion from mid-September through Sagittarius brings great opportunities on the emotional level, especially if at that time you intensively cooperated with strangers. September is a month full of contradictory feelings, because your partner will want one, you another, and your family will have its own attitude towards your relationship and try to interfere with your relationship to affect your odluke.Oktobar brings many pleasant moments in connection with the artist , harmonization of relations or free, extremely important acquaintance with someone who is pleasant nature willing to help on many issues out in susret.U during lunar eclipses October 8, a Sagittarius, Aries and Leo can be very persistent that you win a Libra, will provide a lot of attention and understanding.

At the end of October after the eclipse of the sun that does not reflect significant to you, the entry of Mars in Capricorn brings a new period of uncertainty, jealousy and a connection to the extremely ambitious osobom.Veza that begins at that time can be very complicated if you let yourself be jealous because this transit of Mars brings enhanced propensity scenes, jealousy or relationship with someone who is extremely possessive. Entering Mars in Aquarius 5th December for you to perform a favorable period for love, especially if you like an artist or a person working in the media.

Conclusion – If you are satisfied with yourself and your career, and do not let your partner create any sense of guilt, inferiority complex, or if you yourself do not be too arrogant, you will have the opportunity to stay in touch with someone who is a complicated but very much in love, passionate and be known. Give priority business partner you can get more if you impress yourself and be committed to his career and if you are free, you can not hope for new acquaintances on a journey. The possible link with a stranger.