Large annual Leo Love Horoscope for 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

If you experience a surprising turn on the emotional level during the past two years, you can expect interesting developments because in July, after twelve years of Jupiter, the planet of strong, positive emotions and optimism to get into your character. Until then, you are in a turbulent period, especially if you are in the natal horoscope poorly placed Mars in Cancer or Libra. This planet of passion that affects your relationship with family members or with relatives, may, within family relationships made only apparent indulgence in fact, since the end of July when Mars is strong in Scorpio, you will resolve to sort out their lives as they wish and according to its pattern.
Start with the retrograde Venus, planet of love in Capricorn brings the need for a calm family life, but also a willingness to flirt at work, it is possible with those who are not free. In addition to the direct stroke of Mars, the planet that affect your attitude toward family members but also on your spiritual state that during the spring, weakened in transit through the sign of Libra brings anxiety, almost none of the planets, especially disputes will not “help” with the exception of Uranus. The position of this planet reform and transformation, change and extramarital life, termination of government your astrological house of partnership is well placed in Aries and makes you ready to do something for yourself, especially if you’re in some kind of partnership or if you feel that is a partner of a dominant .

Transit of Venus, planet of love in the backward stroke at the beginning of the year does not work for you especially important when it comes to love life, is more related to professional dilemmas and until the beginning of March when you will enter your astrological field of partnerships can be felt pushed into the background and professionally and in relation to, or as you do not mind a lot. Since the beginning of March there is a change in some of your štátov, agreeing to something that will suggest Aries, Taurus and Capricorn. You’ll find that if you follow your intuition regarding the choice of a partner or if you’re satisfied with what you have and not expect some spectacular encounters, you have a chance to be happy. Ka your sign goes Jupiter that could bring significant changes since mid-July and its impact will feel in support of the person who is dear to you as to how you want to solve their professional problems.

Transit Mars, planet of passion, a bit slow in Libra from early March to late May makes you sufficiently prepared to tolerate all that tells you the person who is dear to you, or so you will be quite open on some issues, particularly when it comes to the common way in foreign countries.

During the first half of the year will be mainly devoted to peaceful ties permanent partner, or if you are married, the family quite cooperative. Nothing much will happen to those who are in constant contact while the Free Lions for asteroid Karma in Sagittarius during the entire year could have the opportunity to experience a new acquaintance, somewhere in the gym, on a larger set, on trips and in March it is possible beautiful relationship with Libra or Taurus. In mid-April at the time of lunar eclipses careful with whom you enter a relationship, you will not resist an Aquarius, Aries and Gemini. Do not risk a permanent connection due to transient flirting. Free Lions can, however, experience an encounter that could mean the beginning of a new connection or to the beginning of May, you will know where you are. The first two months can contribute to less confusion in communicating with Libra, Taurus and Aquarius. Guide zanimljvo talks with both the partner and the company and you will be welcome guests at the party. Free Lions will be the trend and is likely to renew contacts with former sympathies or may be inclined parallel vezama.Uran, ruler of your astrological fields partnerksih relations can in the spring adopt a new challenge in the form of a love one who is engaged in sport or the arts. Earlier this year, Black Moon Lilith in your astrolškom field of secret love can bring various types of insecurity in themselves but also potrebau to restore communication with someone you particularly expensive, maybe it was someone from your past or the person with whom you’ve never been as close how you want it to happen. Entering the Black Moon Lilith in your sign at the beginning of March, you become more confident in themselves and this position of the asteroid love will significantly compensate retrograde stroke of Mars through Libra, the sign in which it is bad it will make you insecure when it comes to thinking about marriage or going to abroad with a partner.

In mid-March, entering the asteroid Psyche in your astrological field partnership focuses on good communication with your partner or the partner you need to understand, you may need more understanding than love, especially if you are over 30Tue year. Asteroid Psyche remains in this position until the end of the year so you can expect the support of partners and a desire to help.

An eclipse of the Sun, ruler of your sign April 29 yields a smaller decline in confidence and increased nervousness if you are in a relationship with another Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Taurus. May brings the possibility of a new acquaintance on a business trip abroad or through work.

Black Moon Lilith in conjunction with Fortuna in your sign in June and July can bring a lot of pleasant moments in the company of some attractive, cheerful person who is willing to override many of which exceed. End of June and beginning of July to be the most representative of your sign to be a very interesting period in every respect. In mid-July can be quite confusing in the field of emotions because Jupiter from the astrological house of your subconscious enters your sign which already contains erotic Black Moon Lilith while Mercury and Venus returns romance along the way, it is possible secret love, flirting with an Aries, Libra or Aquarius. You will be the center of attention, I’d seen in any society.

Other plovina July is very important for representatives of your sign as it will in mid-July, Jupiter, planet exalted feelings, go through the first degrees of your sign and Jupiter moves direct stroke while Mars enters Scorpio which all together can bring disagreements within the family relationship and of your good will depend on the outcome of events. You will be impatient, heady, hedonistic but not much more tolerant. Your ego comes to the fore. Asteroid Karma helps to be convincing and to win the ones you want. You will be irresistible for many but make sure that at the end of August, do not enter into conflict with Scorpio, Aries, Capricorn.

If you were born in the late 70s and early 80s, the summer can be very turbulent for you. You will have a great need to make a shift in your life.

In early August, the overexpression of your characters can mean acquaintance with a stranger, the possibility of starting life together somewhere abroad, willingness to enter into relationship with Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo others. Some Taurus or Libra will be loyal to you but you have to respect the rules of the game. Mid-August can bring young people in love Lions who want to take their lives into their own hands, the problem with family members, especially parents. Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, a very difficult aspect may from mid-August to early September will bring the issue related with Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio. If then you are in any kind of crisis, particularly when it comes to family relations or believe that any of your or the parents of your partner too much interfere with your connection, check to pass planetary “tension” because you already mid-September have a possible different attitude towards these problems. Some relatives abroad or a friend who supports your ambitions in relation to foreign countries or vocational training, can offer a satisfactory solution or you will find handy. Free Lions can then get in touch with someone who has nothing to do with uniformom.Septembar the moon is full of excitement, you could meet someone with whom you occasionally see each other through work or leisure brings relationship with a charming person with whom you can pouzdati.Veza the middle of Gemini October can be turbulent. One scale will show you the most understanding.

In mid-September the entry of Mars into Sagittarius where they will stay until the end of October brings many people enter into marriage and family planning expansion but also the possibility of free Lions do with a Libra, Taurus and Pisces, which will meet on the journey. From mid-October to late November, do not enter any discussions especially if you’re in a relationship with Capricorn or Capricorn ascendant you.

At the time of the second eclipse of the sun, 23 October can bring too strong emotions, passion, impatience, especially those born in July, and excessive tendency toward excitement, reckless decisions. The situation can be quite stressful in November and it would be good to wait for the entry of Mars in Aquarius 5th December which can bring many great passionate love or jealousy representatives sign less scene of jealousy and free relationship with the athlete or artist. As the watershed moment for you the entry of Jupiter in your sign during the second half of the year may be too impulsive, because if you trnazit Jupiter seem too confident in himself and in the heat of passion you want to enter into a new relationship and you can be very prone to flirting.

Conclusion – If the past six years have been turbulent, if you invested great efforts to help the connection fails or if you believe you have been discriminated against in love, move your five minutes that will last from mid-July mid-2022 period during which the many want to get married, the first or the second or re-experience the joy, excitement and happiness in love. Ma male sex that you keep faith in a partner who operates a stable, dedicated to his career and supports you to persevere in your business plans.