Large annual Love Horoscope Aquarius 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

For many representatives of your sign this is the year to remember as any twelfth when Jupiter, the planet egzaltiratnih oscećanja enters your astrological field of marriage and partnerships. Jupiter rules the your astrological fields of social life, work and his love of returned properties come to the fore in your astrological house of work and home, family. During this year, in an indirect way the astrological houses could be activated from July when Jupiter enter the field of partnership and you can, if you are already in a relationship, expect your partner to solve all your problems related to work, finances, home, real estate, social life. How is Uranus, ruler of your sign in egocentric Aries, your ego is dominant, but mostly in words. Oiliness is your weapon. You will be voma favorite in every organization in mainly will grow to carry out his will and in the context of a love life, or make sure that you are not an Aries IASC accounts.
New love and friends in front of you and you want to enjoy all that life has to offer, however, until spring, you need to be a lot strpljivji, especially if you like them Aries, Taurus or Scorpio.

You will be ready for new experiences, new experiences, and those who travel frequently for work or otherwise they are planning a trip to this period, can expect very pleasant moments for couples but also in a larger society. Beginning of the year brings a different kind of excitement, uncertainty in itself, the possibility of secret relationships, something you can be unhappy, especially if you are in another vezi.Sve until the beginning of March, you should be much more flexible if you are married it will partner persistently try to impose you their style. Direct stroke over Mars may make scales until the beginning of March a romantic relationship with someone who does not have so much time for you to present to the public but that probably does not pay much attention to vas.Ako you in connection with Libra and Aries, appreciate the efforts of partners to you solve some problems, will be unusually tactful and willing to help you financially stabilize or to pursue some new jobs.

In early March, Venus, planet of love enters your sign with asteroid psyche and establish a good aspect with Uranus, ruler of your sign. This could be a hint to do with a person who is otherwise very popular in society. How then Mars turning retrograde walking through the scales, if you are in relation to the artist or the person present in public life, or at least very ambitious, do not expect too much of it. Your popularity in society and emotional relationships, flirting and adventures can also bring business opportunities because you will probably be in a relationship with the people of your profession that will be delighting you and offer you a joint business cooperation.

You will be prone to flirting, possibly with another Aquarius, Shooters, some Aries or Taurus. If you belong to one of the representatives of characters who do not want to miss anything, an opportunity will be a lot, as much as at work, so i within društvom.Pred dates with you is the spring that can be memorable. Yet Mars retrograde stroke over scales from early March to late May brings problems in communication with a partner who is committed to his career. Partner may be too sensitive and you may be considered tactless.

While most of the signs of the zodiac to feel the transit of Mars retrograde through Libra in the form of excessive sensitivity, love problems, you like that you will benefit from this aspect because in mid-March Uranus, ruler of your sign will be in conjunction with an asteroid love Juno, why should another Aquarius or Aries could engross your attention. In early April, the conjunction of the Sun, which is really in Aries conjunct Uranus, your ruler can bring an explosion of passion, in conjunction with the artist or athlete, or those who have been in a relationship less shocking because the partner may give the impression that he expects a drastic change in your behavior or if he may like someone else. You will see the possibility of something to think so according to the principle “similar to similar lens” or “take a hair of the dog that bit you” and you will not wait a minute, want to sketch out also flirting. If the partner is an Aries, Taurus or Virgo, to clarify the situation there in mid-April, when Mercury will come over Uranus but at the same time is the lunar eclipse in Libra and you will, if you want to engage in a serious conversation with your partner, you must have a strong aces.

In mid-May, Venus, planet of love in conjunction with your Uranus brings a new rush of emotions. A shooter may be all the time very provocative, often in your company and try to drive you to conquer. Amor was at that time already in your astrological field of love in conjunction with Mercury, the planet of your communication, travel, and this would be for you could be a month, from 15 May to 15 June, in which you can have a very tumultuous social life and many pleasant new susrata poznanstava.Tokom and this period is very accentuated sign of Libra with Mars, which is gaining ground because presatje his stroke retrograde in Libra with the asteroid Ceres and Vesta aquarius brings young acquaintance through study or study tours. Each type can bring much joy and pleasant moments in the company of those who will be courted. If you are in relation to the possessive partner, just in time to try to avoid unpleasant discussions on the theme of jealousy, especially in the case of Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn.

By mid-July, you must be a very good tactician if you do not want that in connection with Aries, another Vodolijiom, Scorpio or shooters miss the chance to get a solid connection. If you are in a stable relationship, it is possible that you will often be separated from a partner because of his work, you will be inclined to keep some of their parallel lives. Middle age of Aquarius can be prone relationships with much younger partners, especially a young Aquarian partner can plan enter into marriage and expansion porodice.Uran, ruler of your sign moves retrograde on July 22, walking at the same time as the Jupter enters Leo and Mars in Scorpio, and you will be much more subtle in the way of seduction. For many, it is precisely this period until the end of September is very important for the further organization of the common life and be free to have more desire for constant, romantic relationships and less superficial flirt.

Eclipses of the sun and moon do not reflect much on your love life unless you were born at the end of the sign in any case fall solar eclipse on 23 October can bring sudden encounter with someone who is known to the public or engage in the arts, sports, business.

Problematic period for you can be the middle of August, when you take the power of Jupiter and many planets that will positively affect you the first fifteen days of August to be quite confident of his influence that you have on the Rights of partners and wrong moves to nejega upset. If you are married in community with his or your parents, or both have complaints about your way of life, can not be thrilled not your choice, you will have chosen the best way to avoid the deterioration of relations is that until the beginning of September refrain from any serious comments on the topic of your connection ie. marriage. In mid-October the free Vodolje can meet the stranger and those who are on business-oriented abroad should devote themselves to their careers if they get an opportunity to take a trip to the end of October, will have a chance to stabilize emotionally. November brings less discomfort, however, precisely in connection with Aquarius, Aries, Škorpjom. Jealousy and insecurity in yourself will be extremely loud. Yet at the beginning of December, Mars enters your sign and you are determined to take their lives into their own hands.

Conclusion – Do not be too confident in himself and in his seductive skills. No matter how popular you are in the company, do not let you take that feeling of safety in every situation you can find your way around because if you stay in touch with extremely dominant partner, it will not fit into your lifestyle. Do not provoke those you love, be their support, especially when it comes to their careers.