Large annual Love Horoscope for Libra 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

Most of the representatives of your characters who has a solid relationship or marriage will have to be adapted to the needs of partners in order to continue harmonious relations. Those who are unhappy special scales that are mature or old age, and that they had already been in a dilemma on how to organize life to yourself relieve the unpleasant scenes or debate, while Mars is in direct walking passes through their characters to the beginning of March, it will be good tactics to achieve something on an emotional level.
Available scales, especially born at the beginning of the 70s or 80s should be cautious when making decisions regarding the emotional life because it can happen to enter a relationship with someone who will not respond to them. In this year with Mars in your sign, otherwise poor in this position that educates tense aspects with Uranus in the astrological field of partnerships and Pluto and Mercury in the astrological house of home and family, with Jupiter in Cancer. You will have the impression that you are at a turning point and many representatives of your characters will have a need for radical solutions. If you feel that you suffer for a long time, something that does not fit in partnership with any move on your part, whether it’s about leaving a partner or prenj will not bring effect because Venus, the ruler of your sign is weak in Capricorn retrograde stroke. However, it is strong in the fourth astrological house which means that it would be good to accept the situation as it is until it happens something that will allow you to arrange your life the way you want it. The desire to force the partners to behave as you want, it will not bring results, because Uranus is in Aries too strong in your astrological field partnerships in order to have enough patience to fight for their place under the sun.

Your character is one of those who will be in the first half of the year, especially by the end of May takes a lot of nerve, strength, wisdom and willingness to compromise in order to make it through the tension in relations both with permanent partners and those with whom you first time to come to kontakst.

January and February are the months in which the family problems due to culminate walk retrograde Venus, the ruler of your sign over the goat and it may seem to you quite depressing because i Mars, planet of action will be retrograde in your sign. You will not have the strength to be persistent enough. Every time you change the opinion of the partner, it is possible that family members try to influence your decisions or you have the wrong image of the partner. Another significant transit affecting the representatives of your sign is the transit of the North and the South Node from your astrological house of personality – the astrological house of partnership. Once in eighteen years, this transit brings awakening, discovering their true needs, try to correct the mistakes of the past, knowledge of the important issues related to your personality.

Available scales can be emotionally interested in someone who has a lot of their family or professional problems. In the second half of March can reach reconciliation with his former partner, acquaintance with someone who is known for his seductive skills, you will be ready to make concessions, flexible, you have a goal. In the second half of March asteroid love Juno in Aries and entering asteroid Psyche in Aquarius can bring some sort of relief, willingness from another angle examine the situation at work. Mercury retrograde stroke from February 7 to March 1 can make problem with Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces and Leo. Someone in March friendship can become much more than that, emotional ties or flirtation, an adventure, an attempt to sort out your život.Crni Moon Lilith enters the Lava why connection with this sign can be good only if you are not the same age.

Spring can bring problems in relations with Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Capricorn. You will often feel left alone and quite lonely. If you managed to dovedte your life in order will have to be very calm especially during lunar eclipses in mid-April and if you are related to someone who is present in javnosti.Od beginning of April until the second half of May last transit of the planet across your astrological field partner relations and the conjunction of Sun and Uranus can bring about April 1, need to know where you are, if you’re in a relationship that does not make you happy, or you, if you are free to enter into a new relationship. In mid-April in the dark of the moon, planets emotion that manages your astrological field or family and career, comes to the conjunction of Uranus and Mercury in your astrological field partnerships, which means the possibility of a new connection with Gemini or Aquarius. In May, do not be impulsive because Venrera, ruler of your sign of Aries that has very young or middle-aged Libra can bring popularity in society and how then Amor asteroid in the right place according to your sign, you have nothing to worry about. You need to learn how to enjoy life and to prepare for the entry of Jupiter in the sign of Leo. Half of May is a very turbulent one for which dopadju Aquarius, Pisces, Aries. Mars at the time was already preparing to start direct walking you can bring the need for active participation in social life.

Since May, the North Node in your sign throughout the year brings the need to experience relationship where you feel like your partner is extremely respected.

Asteroid Karma in Sagittarius for much of the year brings the possibility of acquaintance with a stranger or a person who lives abroad.

During the spring, romantic, young Scales, born at the beginning of the nineties can fall in love with someone who will be opčiniti.Polovinom March, Venus, ruler of your sign is in Aquarius and the entry of the asteroid Psyche in the character of free and divorced can bring the desire for separation from partners. Uranus, the planet of extravagant behavior and rash decisions in Aries in your astrological field partnerships with the asteroid Juno in March and April brings the possibility of romantic love.

Beginning July may bring new opportunities to the emotional level, even if you appeal to someone who is not very reliable, someone who often changes our plans, it is possible to frequently travel abroad or you yourself want to take a trip to a forthcoming meeting. Jul could you last September, will bring a lot of excitement.

In particular, the second half of July could bring new moments in your life, a relationship with someone who is a stranger and you meet him on the road, it is possible that a colleague. August is very exciting, but be careful not to get too fall in love with someone who will be especially ready to tunes, it is possible that you will not notice that this is a person who is more important to be noticed, if need be in your company, which will at all costs want to dominate and to be ready to fascinate and more.

The second half of August can be very turbulent for those who can not control their emotions and are prone to impulsive reactions Short trips, especially abroad bring new opportunities and to love planu.Sredinom August can be caught between two very different people, you can have two sympathy. There may be unpleasant conversations with the permanent partner of nekretninama.Polovinom September entry of Mars in the sign of Sagittarius Libra brings excitement to many, especially if they are present in the media or work with people that are somehow familiar.

October is a month that can bring many beautiful experiences, especially in contact with Leo, who scored or another Libra. November, however, brings back very strained relations with family members, permanent parnter and you have the feeling that no one understands. With the help of one of Aquarius in December, you can solve the dilemma of how to organize your life so that everyone is happy and you to be happy.

Conclusion tough year, especially the first six months if you’re trying to put yourself in the spotlight. What you are persistent in this, it is possible and greater disappointment. Glory be philosophical. Do not let anyone provoke, do not enter into discussions even if you do not have, do not think about the termination, dissolution or different to Still life itself unless it really can provide. Abroad and that frequent travel is the right solution for you. Since mid-July, restore social life, see old friends, among them, it is possible that there is your new beloved.