Large annual Love Horoscope for Sagittarius 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

Representatives of your characters more three years back feel transit of Uranus, planet of change and eccentricity through your fifth astrological field of love which makes you prone to shock the environment by choice or you will be inclined to engage in relationships with people who help in many ways do not fit. Uranium remains long enough in this field which brings a slight tendency towards falling in love and the need for fun, entertainment, often change partners if you are a man Sagittarius, many ladies engaged in any sport, business and the arts, will manage to attract your attention. Grand Cross, an aspect that is formed between Uranus in the fifth field of love, Mars in Libra in your astrological field of social life and of returned emotions, satisfaction, Jupiter the astrological field of eroticism and Pluto, the Sun and Mercury in the astrological field work can bring a sudden relationship with someone when you can greatly complicate the life, especially if you are married or in a long-term relationship and it is a person that you know through work. It may happen that you want to end the relationship or partner will not want to. It is possible that you will get into a rather complicated situation that you think you can not solve, but it will not go so easy.
Retrograde Venus through Capricorn may bring those who do not have much experience or born in the mid to late 80’s many problems in communication and measurement of power who will coma to impose its will. You will be the side that is not particularly honest or be inconclusive in an attempt to divert suspicion to partners spared truth. You might think of an intense Cancer, Gemini and Capricorn or possible that you will want to get a solid relationship with them, but it will not be possible, at least not so easy if one of you is already in a relationship or marriage.

Retrograde Mars in Libra weakened from early March to late May through astrological fields of social life and the public can bring some restoration of romantic relationships in the past or you will be ready to start a relationship with someone you consider a friend. Such set can bring Mars and discrete intrusive admirers, someone who will constantly want to be near you and who will be the tricky way to flirt.

Mercury, as ruler of your astrological house of partnership relations three times a year in a backward stroke brings you to problems in communication with a partner. You need to be careful in dealing with a person who is dear from February 7 to March 1 from June 7 to July 2 and from 5 to 26 October. Then do not make decisions that are important for the continuation of the relationship or to enter into contact with young or youthful person. Jupiter, ruler of your sign, joining in you related to the sign of Leo in mid-July brings optimism and desire to maximally enjoy life, to travel, and they are free, they will have the opportunity to get acquainted with someone who will help in many ways to answer.
Until July, you will be at some stage waiting for you will happen what you dream. Asteroid Karma in your sign throughout the year makes you aware that you are in a relationship that is right for you karmically determined. If you are in a relationship with someone who is your generation, even more so, especially if it is a fire sign. By joining Mercury in Aquarius in early January becomes much drštveniji and have a great need to come to terms with an Aquarius, Aries and Gemini. In mid-February, Eros has already covered more than half of your character and transiting through the Karma, which will result in this period will be very active in all fields. By the beginning of March, you will be prone to flirting and more or less superficial relationships or platonic love with someone very dear to you and who can not clear or does not want you to know how much he likes you. Mars in early March retorgradno moving through Libra and it can mean a great indulgence to a person who is dear to you, a great love for some shooters and a sense of powerlessness to influence the person who is dear to them. At the same time when Mars turns retrograde and Black Moon Lilith, a symbol of eroticism enters the sign of Leo with whom get along and if you were born at the beginning of the sign can experience at that time a great romance. Start month brings a passionate relationship with a Leo or Aries, an athlete or a media celebrity. Lunar eclipse on 15 April around can affect your social life or relationship with someone you consider a friend. Yet at that time relations with a steady partner may be much better, especially if you’re willing to do something for him and to some unexpected gesture of love. If you are in conjunction with Aquarius, Gemini or Leo, you will have a very difficult period in April and if you are in a steady relationship or marriage, mougće the acquaintance that will destabilize, because you will not be clear whether that person can believe it or not. Freelancers can then expect a lot more than I assumed that it is possible. At that time, the asteroid Psyche is already entered in your astrological field of communication in Aquarius and Venus aspects and you will be very popular in society and invited to many social events. Half of April is so important because i love asteroid Amor enters your astrological field partnerships through which will exceed the beginning of June a transit of Mercury, ruler of your astrological field partnerships over the Twins so that the positions of the planets brings many pleasant moments with someone Aries , Libra or passionate relationship with cancer, Taurus or shooters.

If you are in a relationship for about a year and a half ago with the same partner, you probably have the impression that you have to accept your partner’s faults, its business problems you are trying to solve and you’re ready to download a new responsibility as the organization of community life, getting married or want to enlarge the family . June and July can be stressful unless you’re related to Aquarius and Aries. Mars since the end of May, moving direct walking through Libra and you’ll feel much more comfortable in the company of an air sign who can realize a very nice relationship. Born in the mid 80s can experience romance with someone who is very ambitious and burdened finsijama.
In July you are completely mesmerized by Libra Gemini, Aries, Aquarius. A Leo and Sagittarius can be very persistent that you win, and you might be persuaded to enter into a secret relationship with them. In mid-July can be a kind of parlalne connection or you can have a steady partner with some more sympathy, however, prevail at your common sense and you’ll want to know where you are. Lav you completely overwhelmed in mid-July when Jupiter, ruler of your sign enters Leo on the other hand at the end of July, Mars enters Scorpio in your astrological field of secret love and brings discomfort in the form of someone they would like to make problems, whether it be an ex-partner or someone who will pokazti large dose of jealousy. You may consciously do something that you do not Fits perfectly, whether it would not have time for you or if you want to code provokes feelings of jealousy.

Amor asteroid in Leo, Mercury, ruler of your astrological field of partnerships and ruler of your sign Jupiter reinforced by the presence of the sun is positioned perfectly in your astrological field abroad at the beginning of August. Black Moon Lilith in Leo brings erotic adventure abroad. In mid-August, it would be good not to enter into conflict with Leo, Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn. Many will be envious of your relationship and try to intrigar.

Since September starts a favorable period for the majority of the representatives of your sign because it brings the opportunity to realize his love life the way you reply because your astrological house of personality to be strengthened transit of Mars, which is especially beneficial for men born under this sign, especially those that carry some sort uniforms, perhaps a sports shirt, while women will be much tougher and more demanding, more direct relations with a steady partner. Prepare to enter into marriage or to download a serious liability in connection with the partner relationship because Saturn, the planet of responsibility approaching your sign in 2015.tranzitiraće over him bringing you need to thinking about his life from the perspective of responsibility and have a much more serious approach to all segments life including love.

Comment – One of the few good years for those who intend to go abroad with a partner or family plan to expand, entering into marriage. Those who are in the other significant ties can look forward to many pleasant moments that will lead them to make it serious decisions about the common future.