Large annual Love Horoscope for Scorpio 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

Although Saturn, the planet of rigor, principled and emotional restraint in your sign. you quite well in all spheres of life including love. Thrive thanks Stoic attitude, you saved to get through everything life manipulated or not deviate from their positions. However, you would not be wise when Scorpio in everything you do not get any interest. Even if it relates to your psihčki peace, the right to have their choice and awareness of the fact that it is sometimes wise to hold one’s tongue out, endure and wait for their five minutes.
Retrograde Venus, planet of love bad in Capricorn, a ruler of your astrological field of partnerships and marriages and ruler of your astrological fields of secret love and secret enemies before reflects your partner as a person who is convinced that he feels sufficiently loved or somewhat restrained, mistrustful, than reflects your pozicjiu in a relationship or marriage. Venus will be retrograde until the beginning of February when moving direct walking through Capricorn, which will then probably take an active part in the partner’s decisions concerning any professional usavrašvanja, dealing with strangers or resolving issues related to Partner’s status on the job. If you are in an extremely creative person who is willing to improve professionally or doing arts and crafts and planning a world career, it would be good if the support.

Transit of Venus across the Aquarius can bring too intellectual relationship with a partner, devoid of eroticism strong or you will very well know what your priority. You should not be indulging too much in love to avoid losing tempo in other spheres of life. You can exhaust yourself working as a retrograde Mars, one of the two ruler of your sign in retrograde walking across scales from the beginning of March to 20 May means that you could think about changing tactics and it would be good to show willingness to until the end of July until enters your sign, you maximum deference to the person who is dear to you, not so much to adjust it as much to himself spared unnecessary debate. However, you will not easily give up their wishes and plans before selecting and solitude if necessary, especially if you were born in the mid 80s but to enter into a complicated relationship that makes you depressed. Born at the beginning of the 70s can also be subjected to stress in an attempt to solve some problems that verovanto last for some time.

From February 7 to March 1, you can get into a fling with someone who is much younger than you or who is quite irresponsible, efforts will be more casual friendly relationship.

North Node, point of intersection of the Earth’s axis to the ecliptic last year was in your sign and enters Libra, because it goes contrary to the movement of the movements of the planets and brings relief from feelings of guilt or sometimes you can try to look for some new solutions that can seem complicated . However, it will relieve you of your presence and you will want to be more looking forward to a life that can happen in March because someone says you permanent problem in love start to be popstljiv what will you učniti tolerant. Saturn in your sign you suffer last year and a half or Jupiter in the air helps to dealing with what you love most Scorpio knows how in fact the burden and worries related to love life trying to solve them in the simplest way.

Your worries if you are free Scorpio can relate to the search iedalnog partners, especially if you are close 30.te Vac and now want to settle down, you enter into a marriage and start a family. Asteroid Karma in Sagittarius brings most of the year the possibility of adventure or friends through work and Eros with Pluto in Capricorn still directs you to an ambitious person who can already affirmed in society and with which you might work together on a project tie. Since the beginning of June, moving much better period and until then you can kind of pull from the public and as you feel some kind of danger, especially from former partners or someone you love believes in competition. You think that I could give you too stirred to life. Venus in Taurus is perfectly set in June and you will not even work no lunar eclipse April 15 April 29 solar eclipse is not, at least not anything significant, much more to feel the partner in the form of a kind of uncertainty and anxiety in yourself. In June, Mercury retrograde can stroke from June 7 to July 2, can bring into your life again, someone who you can be considered a very attractive and convenient for flirting. If you have story structure, or do you have for them, one or two of marriage, you will be very willing to enter into relationship with Cancer, Gemini, Taurus.

In first half of July, the Sun and the asteroid Amor in Cancer, where accelerated walking Jupiter goes to Leo, make you romantic and ready to do whatever is expected of you just to be related to someone who you impress, possibly somewhere along the way in inostranstvu.Ulaksom Jupiter in the sign of Leo, in mid-July and the entry of Mars, planet of passion in your sign at the end of July, you become much more interested to sort out the question of finances, status than you’ll have time for a person who is dear to you.

September is your month in which you will be shown in all its glory, especially if you are ambitious, in connection with a person who is also dedicated to his career and you will be the side that sets the conditions under which the connection to take place which will for many to mean the possibility of entering into marriage. This is the month mogoućih success in this business where success will open many doors in the field of love, many will be important in your društvu.Sredinom August, be tactful in dealing with Leo, Stelco, Libra or Taurus. You will be very impatient, ambitious enough and tactical are possible conflicts with family members how your and your partnera.Nemojte too engage in discussion about something that neither you nor the partner can not solve overnight. One very successful and ambitious will want to be in your company and organize meetings even if you are in a steady relationship or marriage. Born at the end of the ’70s can be very unpleasant as partners because they will not understand your ambition and will expect them poklanajte more attention. Related another ambitious Scorpio or Capricorn may be what’s right for you in the fall especially in November. September can be a favorable month for love if you like them a Virgo, Taurus or Aries with Aquarius, or you will not easily be able to control.

Joining Venus, the ruler of your astrological field partnerships in Devic 6 September until 30 September can bring renewal of a relationship that is based once more on friendship than on passion. If you were born in the early 80s, it is possible to think about marriage or family expansion.

Born at the beginning of the sign at the time of the solar eclipse of October 23 should avoid unnecessary discussion with partners, particularly not in connection with the resolution of questions of their status.

Transit of Venus, planet of love during the autumn brings you many pleasant moments in the company of people who are dear to you and with which you can achieve a very stable relationship and many of you will plan together with your partner for a joint trip abroad or deal with foreigners.

Conclusion – While many are waiting for signs of middle age to enter Jupiter in Leo, you’ll try to make the transit of Jupiter over Raka you much more convenient to travel to the Joint. Retrograde planets stroke should not seriously shake Scorpio those that have a long relationship or obligations you may have under the common life you may occasionally quite exhausted.