Large annual Taurus Love Horoscope for 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

In front of you is the year in which you have the ability to resolve the question of your status in love, to enter into marriage establish or enlarge the family, a lot of great things could happen to those who are willing to be more active stance towards solving any problems that may last for about a year days and are ready for any kind of compromise.
Beginning of the year brings a tense aspect between the planets that transit through your astrological house of communication, secret love, sympathy at work why should those who for business or private travel frequently, they can expect in the way of romance.

Two planets that are important to your love life, Venus, planet of love, ruler of your sign, and Mars, the planet of passion, eroticism, suvladalac your astrological house of partnership returns in the first half of the year a lot of problems. Venus will be retrograde in the beginning of the year walking through the sign of Capricorn bring a lot of confusion if you are in a relationship with someone who is often abroad or related business premis or cousins ​​abroad. It will not be easy to establish a partner with good communication. Venus transit through Capricorn pogudje, even in the backward stroke of those who are willing to enter into a relationship with someone who has a very complicated life, it is possible that this is a very ambitious person who will not be easy to impose their views or that will not be ready in all that you discounts. However, you as the earth sign, which is used to check their five minutes of the transit of Venus across the goat nothing interferes significantly especially if you are related to young or youthful partner. In late January Amor asteroid enters your sign and makes the possibility of a connection to one artist, doctor, scientist, person, present in publicity. In mid-February, a passionate connection with another Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn is possible even if the person that you like busy, whether it’s in a longer relationship or married. Position asteroid Psyche to Venus in Capricorn brings a very intriguing relationship with someone who lives abroad, possibly with a person who is dedicated biznisu.Mnogi Bulls may be associated with someone who is a psychologist, sociologist, psychiatrist, anthropologist.

Since the beginning of March, beginning of the period during which you will until the end of May will be exposed to temptations because of retrograde Mars and Saturn retrograde (until July 21 in retogradnom walking) and you will need much more patience for a partner who can often be absent or may be prone to indecision and mood swings. However, the connection with the third decade of Aquarius sign the April Taurus can bring many pleasant moments shared at that time.

Amor asteroid in your sign is favorable in late March and early April, born in the last decade of the sign. In mid-April, you can be tempted to enter into a secret relationship with the person you meet at work, possibly on a business trip or will be done on athletes, artist, someone who may be younger than vas.Veza the shooter, if you are wise and good diplomat can be successfully restored.

Solar eclipse in your sign on April 29 could bring heightened sensitivity to criticism. Men in particular may feel that they are pushed into the background and be a partner interested in other activities. Nevertheless suits you if you are a transit of Venus in conjunction with the artist or the person who wants to become popular, engaged in art, medicine. At the time of a solar eclipse all those who have been in the last decade of Taurus, Gemini or in the first decade of Cancer Saturn or Mars, should avoid discussions about money with your partner because it could worsen an already disturbed relationships. Those who have such a position of those planets are in a happy relationship, will have the opportunity to work with a partner to enter into a significant joint project was to work on the construction of houses, relocation, business project or entering into marriage. However, you should wait to pass the eclipse and in May approaches such activities.

In May, the partner, especially if you are in touch leaked in the past year and given, be very demanding, constantly will expect from you more attention and you’ll be ready to go out to meet him because it protects good position of Pluto. However, ladies Bulls should pay attention to the potential interference of another woman in their relationship ie. marriage.

Many representatives of your characters can during May have the impression that the partner often changes the mood or will have many responsibilities, being burdened with ambition ma which to deal. From 9 to 17 May those who are prone to secret connections may be tempted to enter into a relationship with someone who is known to the public. Men born under the sign of Taurus may feel that they are expecting a lot more than they can deliver on both the financial and the emotional level.

If during this period you are unsure of themselves or feel lonely, A neglected, do not worry. Your feeling that you are in the background brings you the need to solve work stress and partners can ignore but quite the opposite, your partner needs your attention.

In mid-May there is a conjunction of Venus and Uranus in your astrological house of secret love that can bring literally an explosion of passion within the secret relationships or those couples who have long been dissatisfied with his connections, on the contrary, discussion and emotional blackmail.

Venus entering your sign in June began a period of stabilization of relations and harmony for many who are in a relationship with a romantic person who will take a lot of your attention, it is possible that it was the artist. In the second half of June ladies Bulls might be interested in Mr. Capricorn or Scorpio, which is not free. This is especially true for those born in the last decade of Taurus. In late June and early July is possible parallel association with a Virgo, Gemini and Libra.

In mid-July when Jupiter is entered in the sign of Leo can be happy and satisfied with the development of the situation in love, especially if you’re in a relationship with someone who has business contacts with foreigners or frequent travel. Perhaps acquaintances to get in the way. The second half of July is very good for the May bulls and those who were born at the end of the sign. Black Moon Lilith in Leo, asteroid count, and Eros bring many pleasant moments in connection with someone who will have a scorpion in it, whether it be the mysterious appearance, the person who has the ascendant in Scorpio or at least two planets in Scorpio, because Mars , planet of passion, ruler of your sign to enter your astrological field partnerships that falls in Scorpio. Yet that Mars, the planet of possessiveness in August to transit through Scorpio and go to meet the Saturn, which is one of the most difficult aspects, it should be ladies Bulls are much more tolerant because they can be associated with very possessive parnter which they can give rise to doubts in mid-August . As on July 21, and Saturn, the planet of rigor and fidelity moving direct walking through your astrological fields of partnerships, it is possible to find, especially if you’ve been married or related, have to be set up differently to your partner, to be fair, honest and above all loyal.

During the summer it is possible to passionate relationship with a lot of turbulenih moments because you, as you and be jealous partner. Available ladies Bulls may be associated with someone who is not free men and bulls will be prone excursions outside of marriage. Double quarrels tend to be born in the early 70s. Born in the mid 60s may face excessive financial requirements for partners that will be ready to respond. Those who want to get a relationship with a partner, especially if it is a friendly divorce have a chance to solve the problem by buying the property.

In early September the ladies bulls born in the last decade characters have the opportunity to get acquainted with someone who will often travel for work and was born at the beginning of the sign will be busy thinking how to go to a romantic destination or to deal with children, will be planned extension of the family. Young, free Bulls can in that time aware Lava or the Virgin and start a romantic relationship. It is possible that the work of the person who has something to do with uniforms or marketing, media. Most ladies Bulls this year may enter into marriage and plans to expand the family. You should not be in October and November to enter into discussions with Aries, Leo or Scorpio or with a partner who is determined, the relaxation will bring a solution to the problem. It is possible that it will be a question of living together and the majority will want to move somewhere or will be delighted with the news of increasing family. The second solar eclipse of October 23, can destabilize the April Bikova bit, especially if you fall into one posesivnije predsatvnike this sign if you are associated with Leo, Aries or Škorpijom.Druga half of October can make the acquaintance on the road, passionate relationship with Capricorn, Scorpio. Asteroid Eros I Karma allows its position in favor and make your life a dominant partner who, however, there is not a great character.

In November, the acquaintance as possible on the road or renewal of ties with the person who lives abroad or is a foreigner. November is particularly favorable for the bulls who like authoritative partners, ladies bulls that are associated with an ambitious partner that builds career or engage in work that has to do with the uniform.

All year you will occasionally have the impression that you are the party that should be a lot more tactics and tries to bond because Saturn, planet of emotional coldness and aloofness to transit through your astrological fields of partnership which is why the partners problems will always be a priority and you are may seem to you a little push in the second plan.U second half of the year, you may want to break the monotony of entering into a relationship with someone who is not free, it is possible in a secret relationship with someone at work. It may be an Aquarius, Leo or Capricorn.

Conclusion – Two partners in the “game” or sit on two chairs can result in loneliness. Ospesivne love that lasts for years as platnoske love with occasional meetings with infinite hope for your five minutes can lead to disappointment. From the friendly relations, there is love. Abroad plays a big role in the love life whether it be private or business trips. You can enlarge the family and enter into marriage.