Large annual Virgo love horoscope for 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

In the year entered with a rather turbulent and highlighted astrological field of love as some hints year full of excitement, others fear that the emotional situation, relationship or marriage could be brought into question.
In mid-January, the opposition of Venus in Capricorn from your astrological field of love and Jupiter in Cancer can bring renewal of love from childhood or a relationship with someone who works for foreigners living abroad or you met through Facebook a.Ovo the period in which it forms a good aspect between Venus, Saturn and Jupiter, which gives hope that the relationships started during this period could have a perspective. On the other hand, the transit of Mars and Uranus in your sign compared to spoil the impression and makes you slightly uneasy about your value system or can be in a relationship with someone you meet on the job and who is not free.

For most representative of your sign this could be a year to remember, especially the first half of the year. Transit of Venus, planet of love that reigns among other things, your astrological house abroad and other significant relationships and in retrograde until February 1 and then walking through direct Capricorn and Aquarius can bring a lot of problems related to someone who lives in another city or state or with someone who does not have enough time has elapsed for you. Especially in the first two and a half months until Venus enters the sign of Aries, you will need a lot of love, attention, and it can easily happen if we do not get the feeling that you are loved and sufficiently respected, seek solace in the company of another person, even if you are long-term relationship or marriage.

From February 7 to March 1 reverse retrograde Mercury, ruler of your sign through Aquarius and Pisces makes you quite reckless in communication with someone who will not be ready to meet on many issues. However, protects you position the asteroid Psyche in March by entering the asteroid Eros in Capricorn continues to become emotionally attached to the representatives of this sign, it is possible for a Scorpio. By early March, the transit of the North Node symbolizing karmic tasks through the first degrees of Scorpio brings you the clearing relationship with someone who is probably frequently absent or working for foreigners in March begins retrograde stroke of Mars, planet of passion over the scales, that shall not affect the majority of the representatives of your sign unless you are related to an athlete or someone who wears a uniform, or with someone you met at work.

Many in the second half of March, in April and May tend to be the secret connections, especially during lunar eclipses around the 15th of April. In mid-May, followed by a new emotional “shock” for you because someone with whom you used to work together and who live abroad or much less seeing could show a desire for reconciliation. You can have an obsessive desire for a connection that could bring you a lot of excitement. In June, well-placed Venus in Taurus has a positive effect on your patience and the first half of this month is possible romance with Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn and cancer. Sagittarius might be for you is still very interesting, but you will not have with him a lot of confidence. Born in the mid 60s and 80s may be particularly prone to relationships with people who are very demanding or which will not be so easy to control. Beginning July can bring poznastva with air and a hint of what might happen as a secret love or rekindle a romance with someone who has long been interested for you.

The retrograde stroke Mercury, ruler of your sign brings to you during the period from June 7 to July 2, the wrong moves can be prone to strife for every little thing, abusive or unstable in their feelings. Mercury retrograde stroke could shift through the sign of Cancer and Gemini bring flirting with a person who works in turzimu, the media, and often travels to a superficial friendship with the job could turn into a romance.

When in mid-July, Jupiter is entered in the sign of Leo, many representatives of your characters will not resist the temptation to enter into contact with a person who is not free, or which is known and avoided appearing in public, or someone you long time obsession. Passionately year brings a lot of problems in communication with Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn.

The beginning of August for many representatives of your character can be a period full of excitement because Mercury, ruler of your sign to be passionate Leo, you’ll easily be subject to doubts, you will need to abruptly end a connection to isolate or to enter into a parallel relationship to if necessary, partner revenge for something. You will be at that time a loner whom nothing is just fine, especially if it is rising in a fire or an air sign. Those who are born early sign at the end of August can expect a somewhat better time if you avoid contact with another Virgo or Gemini because they will be supported by Mars from Scorpio, which would link with chili Škorpijiom Capricorn might be what you dream. End of July and August can be for you delivery is relatively stressful, especially if you are prone to flirting, if you are a Virgo lady and attract your dominant males and in mid-August, when Mars and Saturn are educated conjunction in Scorpio can happen romance with a person you know is not free, and you’ll probably be willing to risk. Men Device can be associated with the business woman who works in a bank or in a government office, to a doctor or may be very enamored with a lady who has on many issues clear position and make them that they are not much for what you do not ask. This is a period of heightened tension and possible discussion among those who have been married or in a relationship.

In early September, you have a chance to stabilize especially if you were born at the end of the sign, but in mid-September, August Device can be re-exposed to some kind of crisis in relations. Transit of Mars through the fire of Sagittarius men with you arouse suspicions about the fidelity of your partner. You might also flirt at work by someone who is too insistent to reject it or you will not attract too much, especially in the case of Aquarius and Aries.

In the fall of Mercury retrograde stroke over Scorpio and Libra brings back the ability to precisely romance at work and from 5 to 26 October. This transit of Mercury is even more important because at that time to get to the two eclipses, the first Month of October 8 and October 23, and the Sun it will badly affect your self-confidence.

Born at the end of the sign, in mid-September can get involved with anyone Aries or Scorpio, a free will attract most likely a Taurus or Libra in the second half of October and November again might be interested in someone who wears a uniform, one position while those who are married or longer relationship, most likely to plan an extension of the family.

From 24 October to 20 November you can, if you are free to experience a romantic encounter or a new acquaintance with a person who has a kind of uniform, working in the financial, medical institution or living in another city.

November is for many representatives of your characters a great month if you like the dominant partner. If you play sports, play politics, economics or architecture, construction, it is possible that the troops within a interesting project to have a chance to meet someone to whom you will not be a bit indifferent, but it could be a person who is not free. Asteroid Karma in Capricorn with Mars and Pluto, Eros, it’s November, in which it is possible to experience a strong intense affair with Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn.

Zaključak- Transit Jupiter from the air in Lava focuses on changing lifestyles. Until that happens, the middle of the year, try to sort out your love life and for this you will need a lot of tact and you’ll have a habit of wanting to criticize a partner for every little thing. Related artists, doctor or a very successful person can bring satisfaction and happiness if you decide to be a lot popustljivji than before.