LAV-Horoscope and marriage … Meet Married qualities of your partner …. (ASTRO)

LAV – wife
The wife of Leo is the ideal type of wife for an ambitious man. It has an aristocratic view of the world and society. It is a great organizer, both in cleaning the house and the fact that it will be one of the first in various associations and organizations, and will be accompanied by her husband’s work with interest and fun. People love to come to her house and give her respect. It belongs to the type of woman that every man would like to present to his boss because the impression that leaves enchanting.
Her love is passionate and devoted. These women are very loyal and whole life experiencing deep. I know how to give and to receive. Their families were never able to express enough gratitude for what they give, and it sometimes seems that they are ungrateful and do not appreciate the sacrifices. The truth is that no one can charge her sacrifice for her husband and children. Although she is very attached to the milking, she will always be the boss in the house.
If a woman Lav skillful enough to marry and the right of a dominant male, all of its properties, good and bad, will be brought to the right level. Fits Her muscular and powerful man in everything.

LAV – wife
Man Leo enters married life quite confused. Capable of many because i like to see it on the children and on it. He was incredibly proud of, but not only them, but above all to itself. The requirement that is always in the spotlight and wants that all family life revolves around it like planets around the sun. It is very affectionate, lovable and devoted to family, but in his own way. Never, however, will not tolerate disrespect own personality or mess.
In his head he fixed in advance what was the duty of his wife and children. His love is deeply romantic and very absorbing, because it believes that it has the rights to all of them. Although it is very passionate, he will often unscrupulously seek adventures with other women, to be confirmed as a man. And since it is basically conservative, never next to you could not file a woman who also acted bise. It must have scruples in every respect and must be beyond doubt. Since it is in his nature to judge, before others than himself, to elect a woman who has the highest standards of excellence.
Average Lav is a good husband. His generosity, kindness and passionate loyalty of the great questions of life and its really big heart make it a very safe and satisfactory husband for sensitive, delicate and feminine woman.