LAV-love affair, astrological indicators (astrology)

Related man in Leo – with a unique way to enjoy life, happy disposition and confidence, a man in Leo is very attracted to the opposite sex. No wonder he has a reputation to break many hearts. I do not have such a generous, gentle and devoted lover. Without love, it is very likely that it will be a sad, lonely and depressed. In romantic relationships it may express their strong feelings. He will give his seductive behavior, which is like a game to torment and tease your partner. His propensity for dramatization will increase the romance in his relationships. Leo is possessive and jealous lover. He will be faithful, and also will in turn demand loyalty from his partner. It is exciting and has a lot of love to give.

Connection with a woman in Leo – it is the kind of woman who attracts admiring glances wherever it occurs. A woman in Leo demands a lot from its partners. In return, it has a lot to offer. Its natural cheerful nature, passion and creativity is to be reported in the right way through her romantic relationships. When she loves, she does it with all my heart. It is a popular woman and her partner should be ready for competition. She likes to think she’s the one who sets the rules, but the strong man will know how much freedom can not allow her. Possessive, jealous partner to both make life difficult and complicated. A woman in Leo must be constantly assured that is attractive to the opposite sex. Her flirtations are so harmless, because it is in fact a woman for a man.