Lav – Love profile (Astra)

A person born in Leo is very temperamental, but also very dignified in their behavior. Typical characteristics and personality of the characters – the Lions much care about their expression, or to style! So, it is very important that the impression they leave on their environment and in this sense, the Lions are doing everything necessary to win your sympathy, a lot of applause, praise or admiration.

Did you know that lions enjoy the feeling of popularity and we expect you to admire them? Above all, a typical Leo impressive – it’s in a throne or a place of honor, so that all other positions them look extremely uninteresting. Their vanity them often leads to behavior fell, while their pride often affects the excessive subjectivity so different things, events or people interpret according to their notions of high standards.

There’s a great anecdote in mind the comments that a good way to illustrate their psychological profile and character, then their style of expression, the mood and behavior. Zena describes his friend, romantic partner, “You know he (Leo) before opening the door someone’s expecting special treatment or a round of applause, and particularly admiring glances, big compliments. Only, when “good feed” his ego and vanity can expect outbursts of affection and boiling passions. He behaves – as if the “royal copy” or through his veins flows the “blue blood”. He often brings me to despair, but can not do without him. ”

When the Lions attributed to self-centeredness, it is really difficult to correctly answer, whether it comes to their disability or their capacity – to things and interpret events from their point of view? Lions are very theatrical, and in that sense, paying attention to the various little things, the details or nuances that exist in someone appears, as in someone’s presentation. At the same time, they insist on high standards and have refined taste and a real sense of beauty. However, we should not forget that the Lions are very demanding and physical beauty to them leaves only transitory significance, so that they have a different one “real beauty” of collages from the depths of one’s being. Then, Lions enjoy different challenges because – big challenges represent a real opportunity to prove himself, then for a personal triumph, and especially for the big win! The Lions have a need to impress your surroundings and your romantic partner. Therefore, their great slogans read: “He who does not risk, that does not get” and “a great general”. So, they are very energetic, dominant and theatrical so that all romantic encounters asymptomatic already fixed scenario. So Leo initiatives and the strings held solely in their hands. If among you there is a love affair, then you must be ready for this – that Leo still has a dominant role, and in this sense, nothing can change. Lions have a lot of courage and therefore a direct way of expressing their interest, affection, affinity and sympathy, as well as their feelings. Basically there is no doubt to whom the Lions feel sympathy or antipathy – they clearly show. Then, they are very passionate, possessive and jealously guarded everything that falls under their property, personal property or under their “little empire”. A loving partner is only a “portion” of the empire, however sometimes it means – a great privilege, and sometimes a burden. Perhaps it is best that you ask your Leo – because it will provide you with the most convincing answer.