LAV – money serves to afford anything he wants (ASTRO)

Lions prefer the beauty and richness and are therefore always on a mission to find his place in the business world. Take risks if their circumstances are in favor, and really hate to lose, but they are drawn to casinos and all the glamor around them. Lions are usually good gamblers until their ego get involved and take into bad business decisions. But they will still make money because they want to and know how to spend. Money management is part of their luxurious life, in which the partner adds accounts. If you fall into debts, the Lions will be skillful to know back on track – the bank will raise the loan to settle debts because they are proud and hate to borrow from friends. Their secret recipe for success is generosity. Other vessels and the last coin, and then find a way and again it earns. Moto – the money should be spent to make it more had.