Lav-monthly horoscope for August 2020

JOB: Sun and Mars in your sign at the beginning of the month will give a tremendous force Leo to move into new jobs and research. How are you impulsive and like to lead, you will run into some trouble ,, ,, from which you must isakobeljate without consequences. This should have Aries or Libra beside him to help defuse the tension to be able to go further. The money in the second half of the month, especially for those who long for the payment of debts or arrears of wages, send money to friends or associates.

LOVE: All you need to do is show your charm. Preference is given to those who long denying emotions to one person that knows a longer period. Now is the time to act to improve the fate of you. For those who are married will have a period of separation from a spouse, but it will not affect their emotions and the situation in the house. Those who are extremely attached to the spouses have to take care when talking about money because you can get into an argument over who consumes.

HEALTH: When you stress is the trigger for all diseases. While your character Government spine, eyes and heart, you’ll still have a problem with the muscles or some of your kidney.