Lav-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


Period begins stellium of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your sign, it encourages you to be active in the business plan. At the same time, you will be in high demand because many seriously counting on you in future projects. In short, you are in a very good period for career advancement. Be enterprising and do everything in your power to achieve success in the long run. Trine to Saturn of Sagittarius gives you internal security and ensure the sustainability of all plans, enterprise and perseverance. Short period of entry of Mars in the sign of Sagittarius to the exit of Venus from Lava will be extremely beneficial, but it would be good to take advantage of all their potentials in the accomplishment of their goals. Keep in mind that the days from 2 to 5 August is very important at all levels. After 5 August planetary aspects are more indicative of the events related to money than a job, and then focus on solving financial problems, as well as the clearing of debts and receivables.


Venus in your sign increases your desire for a new emotional experience, but also a chance to get your daydreams into concrete developments. But as far as aspects were favorable or challenging, nothing will happen if they do not change their behavior. If you continue to keep your needs in the foreground, you will not be able to establish a harmonious relationship and fulfill expectations. Also, Saturn, the ruler of your seventh field, the entry of Mars in the same sign indicates a tendency to complicate relations, conflict in a relationship or communication with friends. All partnerships by the end of the period oslikavaće this aspect, so it would be best not to try to correct wrongs, no other curves than to leave things to run without load. This is especially true for August 18, when the full moon is in your field of partnership.


Tension makes the whole body shaken. Try to relax and not subject to too much stress at work.