Lav-monthly horoscope for December 2020.

JOB: Good period for this sign. Venus is the planet of beauty and charm enters the sign of Sagittarius and increases the field of creativity to this sign, thus giving inspiration and enthusiasm to start something Leo and offices. Leo likes to get carried away, but be wary about the middle of the month when you can suddenly be deceived by an associate who has no control. It would be good to focus on activities that connect young people around the world, educating for a better future. Lav which is associated with the art and you will have a job that they will have to hire a lot of staff even friends. Retro Mercury, who will you celebrate important so make sure to communicate with co-workers, with people from the immediate surroundings who are looking for support.

LOVE: December was a turbulent month, full of challenges, partnerships are important to you because you are now enticing because of the entry of Venus in your house of love. Sometimes you are too arrogant and think you can not control everything, but it is not so. Know that you will be under pressure from partners. Leo seeking love it in the right place and to the party, parties, birthdays, and travel abroad. A person is unusual, some live their lives, free of prejudice will attract your interest. A good month for new, interesting love.

HEALTH: You are a hedonist and expected much you slightly overdo the alcohol, food and even some physical inactivity, loafing. Therefore, take care, especially since the second half of the month, when they will be more susceptible to health.