Lav-monthly horoscope for December 2021.


Be sure that the December month period that brings the fulfillment of your wishes. Now the only question is what is what you want – whether you enjoy in life, freely and without any borders or to firmly attach to one person and create a stable relationship? In essence, they will be able to do both – but who likes what, go ahead. You not only are you in this period at the peak of its attraction, but at the same time you’re overwhelmed by the romantic (and those less romantic) deals with all sides. Whatever you choose – believe me, you will enjoy! If you are in an emotional relationship, partner at this time in a much more stable than you. It is true that he has some of his outbursts, but very charming extracts from some situations that device. On the other hand, you’re like a little let loose and will need to weather the parking brake. This talk especially if you tend to occasionally just to check your seductive ability flirting. Let’s be clear – a loved one will not nag a lot about this, because I somewhat understood, but entering the third decade of December, there is little time to get serious and turn it. Overall – your relationship will still work in a correct manner, it will be a chance for a good time spent together and enjoy.


First advice as far as finances are the first half of the month, you can easily spend a lot, “withdrawn” some solid inflows that may occur through regular, but also through additional business engagements. However, since the second part of the month of inflows will slow down, the money will be less and you can find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation to be counted and removing stacks of money to pay the bills. Therefore, be responsible! In the first two decades of the month since it will rule over the sun to transit through the sign of Sagittarius and field some light and beautiful circumstance – you will have a lot of luck in the business segment. This is also a period that is very conducive to creative people, artists, and those who earn on account of their hobby. Do not forget though that the ruler of the field work, Mercury, has a phase of retrograde movement, it would be good to be in agreement especially cautious and calculating. The second part of December will be a lot of static on your business.


The health situation will be more than good throughout this period. At the beginning of the month, during the first decade can have a smaller decline in immunity, and in this period the Lions elderly should pay attention to the spine, blood vessels, liver, gallbladder.