Lav-monthly horoscope for February 2021st


A lot of you are nervously stepped into the month of February. Inserting some time to be heavy themselves, and how will your spouse or emotional – that only he knows. Mars in the field of home brings increased energy, and will be a situation where you and your partner come to the open confrontation, and where the passions quite hard to calm down, because you are both unproven I want to drive your own. The best way to naturally passion was channeled towards the bedroom, but the question is whether such a method not always work. One emotional connections that are already “degraded” during the previous period can now get serious cooling, but only to save you if you distance yourself a little from one another, turning the personal preferences, I leave you now the madness passes. Not entering your ruler as a sign of Pisces in the third decade will bring some improvement, what’s more – some Lions can then be turned secret relationships and infidelity, suppressing what their connection is not good that way. You are not much of a solution, you know … what you .pogotovo watchful eye of a loved one follows. If you are single, it is unlikely that you will change your status in February. It is true that the very uzmuvati opportunities around you, or you wish to calm and stability in the love gone (something not particularly long, to be honest) I’ll be facing more flirting and conquest. Time you spend with friends, or going out to take part in social gatherings. All you’re interested in, you feel good, but did not find a real incentive to settle down. Come enjoy!


Although the position of your ruler the Sun, at the beginning of the month promises stability in existing operations and the ability to realize the changes that you desire, you will still need to be quite careful. Mars of Scorpio from the square and your character, but your field and business partnerships, so it can be tense situations and limitations in those jobs where you just want to get. Occasionally, a desire for change or promotion be such that you will act on impulse I have to take a risk, you should certainly be avoided, as it will not result in good for you. A better situation for you to be in the second half of February (then I’ll come out from the crowd obligations that you buried), then the actual launch of new cooperation, and in this period they are unemployed can seek opportunity for themselves. The influx of money will generally be quite good, and as the more we neared the end of the month, more opportunities for some additional earnings will be opened. In this segment, you should be quite happy.


Members of the younger population will be well enough to go this time, but you are advised little more movement. Elders are possible problems with the nerves, inflammation, a spine and heart will be weak points. Also, it would be good to have completed at least the basic blood tests.