Lav-monthly horoscope for January 2021st

Love: In your field of love is the planet Venus, but its position during the first half of the month rather unfavorable, not to mention that i love your ruler field moves back in the first week of January. A lot of these are “thin” for some aspects of the new beginnings of love, because everything can go well to very quickly proved to be problematic. I think you will be satisfied if you allow yourself to surrender immediately, but the Lions advises that despite all the intoxication and infatuation someone, however, be a little more cautious and to advance slowly, step by step. These aspects will, unfortunately, some adopted and the need to activate the eye of former emotional partner, which would certainly be a mistake, because only the initial torque can be good, very soon you will be reminded of why you and this person is not able to work together first time. In fact, it might be best that this period might be a little more on yourself and your priorities, to go out and socialize, especially because you neglected some friends. When occupied Lviv this month better in the emotional part. Family relationships will work quite well, a lot of positive energy, perhaps even plans about the new addition or an agreement on a regulation of the household. Those relationships will be, especially in the first part of the month, will be overwhelmed by the care of a loved one, but you might be surprised by the gift, or the proposal to jointly spend a few days out of town or go somewhere on the way. In the second part of the month and you’ll be more active, and this is a good month to connect and satisfaction.

Business: Well, this would be a particularly good month in the business segment, and will not. Jupiter in the field of work and money goes retrograde, and the ruler of the same field going backward stroke. You will be in the first decade prone to impulsive moves that will not prove to be good, but you are advised to give yourself enough time to think before you activate on any issue. The new moon in a field that is related to the work speaks to a different way you need to access your obligations and responsible to deal with all the situations that you impose.

Maybe this is not in line with your plans, but they now need to be adjusted and adapted to the times. Those who are engaged in private business have a better situation, but it is not recommended that you do not in the first decade of the month pull some moves without prior consultations with the people that you trust. Generally, only the third decade of January, Lions will bring more space to spread my wings, and then you go and better financial opportunities and additional revenue.

Health: The first decade of the month is quite poor in terms of health. Will easily catch viruses and temperature, and you may also have stomach problems and indigestion, which will be the result of inadequate nutrition. After this period, moving recovery and the only thing you should pay attention to are possibly some chronic diseases.