Lav-Monthly horoscope for June 2021.


For busy Lions biggest problem during this month could be a superficial understanding of the relationship with the partner and turning to their personal preferences – friends, social gatherings and entertainment. There are likely to ignore a loved one, which would be quite a bad effect on your relationship in the second half of June. What is necessary is to include partners in their activities, but also to find enough time for an honest and open communication, to help overcome some tense moments. Listen to this advice and your emotional relationships will have a good chance to develop, and some of these would further awakened closeness could give rise to a serious question about your relationship, the possible coexistence or the new addition. If you are alone, retrograde Saturn in your field of love warns us not to be taken lightly relations in which it invests, but also talk and will continue to be some actual emotional past. As you have a chance to start again some former story, so you have a chance and to enter into new love relationships – but when what he likes, let him go ahead. The second part of the month and the free and used to activate the field of secret connections, it is certainly possible to taste a little ‘forbidden fruit’. If you have a partner – beware! because there is a chance to discover these people “scrambles” and already next month.


First tip – if you are thinking of a vacation, you might want to start by the last decade of June, because you then moving period of stalemate and inaction in the business segment. In the period before that, dig in the job and make sure that you run those business projects that are important to you. No, it will not be easy – it will not. In fact, you are really in a stimulating moment, active and eager to wrap up with some plans, while the people they work with and on which we depend – static, slow and hard you can get right to communicate with them. In the first ten days of the month Guide “battle” with unproven entities and often be on the verge of discussion, but to everything that you do will bear fruit in the second decade, which will open up cooperation with foreign countries, it gets you to the conclusion of the real agreement and provides great opportunities for financial improvement . Individual Lions can be offered better job, and in this period the unemployed would be able to reap the fruits of the effort to find a job.


In female members sign may be the current problems with the thyroid gland or hormonal imbalance. The older population should take care of the blood picture, spine, bones (especially hip) and lungs. Overall – a period of reduced energy when tire easily and need more sleep.