Lav-monthly horoscope for March 2021st


Relations in the long emotional relationships, especially marriages in the first decade of occasional official. There will not be strife or any disputes between the two, but rather a kind of chill and distance. Partner has great responsibilities and faces the side of its business and certain plans and you are a little unsure of themselves, and in their imaginary problem. It is good that this situation will not last long and will replace some romantic and gentle moments, where you will find the most potentiated. Partner will be in all of this is pleased to include mainly the rest of the month between the two of you good. There might be some tension or nervousness about children to those who are in marriages, but that’s about it. Available in your field of love is walked Mars, but its energy to you during the first two decades of March will bring nothing special, not a link where you hope. Yes, you will wake up in a fierce passion, but it is unlikely that you will subject their desire to succeed and win. The other side will prove to be a really tough nut to crack, and all your attempts to win is just going to run into a wall of rejection. You might convince yourself in the meantime and you’re madly in love, but to me it looks like before it was just because it may not be yours. Mađutim, when the 20 th March, the Sun, ruler of your sign, enters Aries, then the situation is already turning in your favor. The last decade brings a large number of flirtations, conquest, and one hell of a party.


The first decade of the month for many reasons is not good business for you. Mercury, as ruler of the field work and the money will be in square to Mars and 9 th happens and solar eclipse. Both of these aspects will play in Pisces, which represents money than others, credits, loans, banking institutions, as well as change and crisis. This is particularly unfavorable weather for any financial transactions, as well as to invest money in new business. Period is only good for those who are engaged in creative, artistic professions. Some in this period can get their big chance, one that offers a once in a lifetime, all guided by those – until one dark, the other does not light. The rest of the month was much better, with the proviso that the 20 th of March and the entry of the Sun into Aries all move even further forward. If you are looking for a job or want to change the current, activate half of the month. You will have to repay more financial obligations.


Health symbolism is quite solid during this period. Both younger and older population may have problems with the spinal column in the first decade of the month. Older and let the rest of March lead a little more attention on this segment. Improve their health in the third decade emphasized.