Lav-monthly horoscope for November 2020.

JOB: Thinking to isolate and start to do a job that is only known to you. Mars in the third field of communications will give you the strength to think faster, but also to bring the qualities with whom you want to work with anyone but you. You must take care of associates, because you may end cooperation with a friend who is not so deft worth even like you. It is better to solve all at once to the second half of the month used for a new start jobs and an increased budget. Jobs that need to work associated with traffic, media agencies for registration of vehicles, transport of goods, passengers, auto parts.

LOVE: Venus is the third field to 7th November looking for love in the neighborhood or environment, it is likely a lion found his love of the school, the person who was in his class. When Venus enters Scorpio, it will be a difficult period because it is her pad and Venus feels bad in this constellation, however, will not lack passion. This is the time for falling in love older members of this sign, and see the love in the bank or post office while waiting in line. Leo married has to take care of the house, the children and their education financing.

HEALTH: Kondic have, but you’re too tired from work. Maybe we should take a break or go for a short trip in the air.