Lav-monthly horoscope for November 2021.


You enter this month with the still very current conjunction of Venus and Saturn in your field of love. Some of you can not manage to overcome the past, and it’s holding you down and I cottage is not allowed to see around you has certainly opportunities for emotional happiness. Tip for you – if you do not manage to do during the first decade of November, if you fail to renew contact with his former love, forget and move on. This life is too short to allow yourself to later regret the missed opportunities. For you who are free of heart – this month throughout its course brings love a chance. Enjoy going out and partying with friends, socialize and meet new people. Very much a person can extract I greatly tickle your attention. Also – the opportunity you are going through the field I work. In fact – this is a great love month, only if you accept all that nice as you can get. Those in emotional relationships and marriages will have in their love relationships invest a little more strength and energy. The relationship with your loved one will be changeable, especially during the first two decades, when more often than usual can be divergences and complicated situation between you two. While the third decade will bring calm and correct communication, I’ll still have to be vigilant and to treat each other with great respect and consideration.


Although you will in the first two decades of November feel more pressure on myself I often be thinking how you will be able to run the business segment as you want, when you sum up the results at the end of the month, you will realize that in fact did not go even a little bit bad. In essence, what you will be the most “painful” is the financial stability that will not stop somehow slip out of his hands. Or inflows will be reduced, or you have a problem with the collection of receivables. This situation will be reversed during the second part of the month, and then you open the chance that I make some major positive changes in the business segment. This period is suitable for Lions unemployed and those already employed, you can get bids that will be difficult to refuse. The chance to make a major shift in business, but I can get pretty lucrative additional engagement.


Mars leaves your field of health during the first decade of November, which will facilitate a lot of this segment. However, until the end of the second decade of the need to take account of his immunity, as will be readily susceptible to inflammation and infections, especially urinary tract. The rest of the month is favorable to you.