Lav-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: Sun, your ruler, is in Libra, your third field of communications and transport. You need to shine in this period because you still have the support of Venus, or Saturn and heavy that will indicate the path to go. You need to get rid of bad people, associates, which allows you to draw and a little good will and energy. You deserve the best because you are a hard worker around when you find what you love. Money expect the private business, especially from the tenth of October when Jupiter enters Capricorn, your fourth field. Start will be difficult, perhaps too much, but Leo is a strong character, so you can not expect anything less than a great success.

LOVE: Emotionally you are rational. The first half of the month – Venus is in Virgo, your second box of money, so that you are in love with someone who has the money, real estate. For a better and more open story wait period from the second half of the month. With Venus in Libra coming all the communication, love, passion, traveling with a loved one, and the children will be good, happy, good students in school.

HEALTH: As always, do not take care of yourself. You must pay attention to the intestines, the stomach, the body you are acidic, and if we add nervosa, it can only be a problem with ulcers. It is important to remove excess energy sports or work that makes you creative.