Lav-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


Month lions promises quite correct relationship with their primary relationships and marriages. The presence of Venus in the field of home and family to half of the month gives you another chance to double your partner build better communication, stronger connections, but also to awaken dormant passions. Those emotional connections are ready for some serious steps, which I support your loved one, or both believe that there is no need to rush. All you need is the more I understand that some of your joint plans slowly move towards implementation. This period is good to occasionally take a couple of days just for myself I travel somewhere, even if it is only I for the weekend. Shorter trips I focus on each other will only further connect. A lone members of this sign will achieve during this period many interesting contacts. Your charm is hard to resist and it’s no wonder you flirt with pleasure and enjoy it to the opposite sex revolve around you. However, in the first part of the month will not have the intention to rush and everything that is going to be very superficial. From the second part of October and the entry of Venus in your house of love, the situation will suddenly reverse. Younger members sign opens unlimited opportunities for fun and adventure, while those who are willing to commit themselves seriously – now have a real chance. By the end of the month, many of you will be in a stable and strong emotional ties.


From the beginning of October, you will be ready for action. Emphasized the field of communication, negotiation, motion new moon in the early days of this period, as well as transiting Mars in your field everyday business commitments, Lions will bring great focus and commitment, but at the same time and the ability to approach their tasks responsibly and consistently. Some of you will during this period I felt the need to change the current position I will be looking for a job. Since this is an excellent month to agree with prospective employers, I recommend the unemployed to be active. Although you have the feeling that a superior not see your efforts at work, in the second part of October, many of you will be rewarded, I mostly through the financial segment. Private entrepreneurs by stabilization and opportunities for business expansion. Better financial situation, and now I can earn through additional engagement.


The presence of Mars in the field of health will bring more Lions to pay attention to your immune system, especially in the second decade of October, when you’ll be susceptible to colds, viral infections. The elderly population can be activated chronic ailments related to the spine.