Lav-monthly horoscope for September 2021.


Jupiter rules your field I love his entry into the sign of Libra, the sign of harmony and partnerships and your field of communications, meetings, new acquaintances – will bring you more chances to run on these issues. However, we should not forget that the eclipse of the Sun, your ruler at the beginning of the month significant event for you personally that I will eventually manifest through your emotional relationships. The feeling that some things must change as soon as their primary relationships and marriages become very prominent and it is certain that some relations in this period will be shaken, even on the verge of interruption. Hidden problems can come to the surface and it is essential that you and the loved one set accountable to the relationship or marriage. The first decade was particularly “tight” I ratio can be detached, and chill. To make things right, you must have good communication and a willingness to reach an agreement, which will enable Jupiter I. Some of you will be the best way to “save” their emotional relationships, so it will go with your partner for a few days somewhere away from all … advance.You can restore the agreement, but I passion, but do not give up so easily if something in your connections’ creak “. As free members sign concerned, some situations you have to “break” in it. This may be finally giving up the emotional former partner with whom you are trying to restore the relationship, but I can reflect on the way to realize that trying in vain about someone who you likable and that from this work and the story has nothing to do. Do not worry, since half of the month comes time for your enjoyment, passion and love!


Solar eclipse in the field of work and money, but I lunar eclipse in the field covered by the crisis, changes, reversals and money from the contract will certainly affect your business segment. What has not worked correctly and what you already know that you will hardly be able to achieve, we will come to a final end. Lions will realize that they need a change, some of you will make a complete turnaround in the business, while others will put an end to the current job position I turn to the search for a new job that will meet their needs. From the second part of the month the situation will start to clearing and favorable conditions will rapidly appear before you. And private businesses will move upward. In fact, this period you need to understand as a great opportunity that gives you the sky to leave what is wrong and turned to what’s profitable for you. By the end of the second decade of the financial segment will “sees”, there may be greater costs, payment delays, but this is definitely not the time for investment.


Stress will lead to a stronger decline in immunity, which will be particularly pronounced in the first two decades of September. You’ll have to find a way that I physically, but mentally I booted up – the rest through a healthy diet, the mild recreation and relaxation.